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North node in Aries, South Node in Libra.

Establishing our courage . June 2023 to January 2025

The Nodes change signs

The Nodes represent our Karmic path, both in our individual charts, and collectively, as they transit through the signs.
The North Node represents our karmic way forward, the way which will bring the most happiness and success.
The South Node represents both an area of familiarity and understanding, but also a place where we hold deeply embedded patterns which require resolution. As the Nodes change signs, they are squared by Pluto for more info on this please go to URL article

As the North Node traveled through Earthy Taurus, time we examined new ways of self reliance and self sufficiency. With the South Node opposite in Scorpio, we were forced to let go of old security patterns, and dependence’s .

As the North Node travels through the warrior sign of Aries, we are going to require courage, new leaders, and a pioneering spirit to find our way forward. Aries is the Cardinal fire sign. Cardinal is the energetic of beginning, and initiating. Fire is the energy of inspiration and passion, we become driven. Time to get all fired up and passionate about new projects, and new ways forward for humanity. Aries is the sign of the warrior, the pioneer, and indeed , the north node travels through Aries we may well be required to take our courage into our own hands and to stand up and fight for our rights.

But what are we resolving, with the South node in Libra? Ruled by charming Venus, it has to be that inane tendency to ‘keep the peace” to “not stand out”; to gloss over the truth, keep the peace , and not make waves.

Time to take our courage in our hands and transform