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New Moon in Taurus 13th November 2023

‘Times are a changing’

This is a big one.

Coming after it does after the shock of the eclipses, we are still collectively reeling,

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New Moon Eclipse 14/10/23

Warrior Women Arise

The New Moon Eclipse on the 14th is one of those particular turning points in history, and as things stand, with Pluto Squaring the Nodes during Eclipse season, things could go either way.

This year, as Pluto Lord of the underworld travels through the final, critical degrees of Capricorn, (how we structure our world), he is exposing the deepest, the worst excesses of society and it’s power structure, in order that things may be cleansed and renewed.

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Full Moon In Aries, 29th September 23

The Full Moon in Aries shines her light directly onto two asteroids. Palais Athena, and Vesta.
This brings to light issues of feminine wisdom, and the role of woman in society.
Both representing female goddess energy that was demoted with the arrival of the patriarchal system.

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Eris, the Warrior Woman, has been in Aries for all of our lifetimes. Sister to Mars, she represents our newly awakening feminine warrior spirit. Initially nicknamed Zena, she travels through time defending the weak, the outcast, and the underdog. Newly discovered in 2005, since that time we have been exploring the potential of this newly available energetic.

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North node in Aries, South Node in Libra.

Establishing our courage . June 2023 to January 2025

The Nodes change signs

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As a one of the slow moving outer planets, Pluto, Lord of the underworld, affects transformation deeply, powerfully, and over a long stretch of time.

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March 2023 brings us significant, and substantial long term changes, with both the ingress of Saturn into Pisces on the 7th , and Pluto into Aquarius on the 23rd.

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Astrology overview 2023

2023 Astrology report

2023 brings us a mixed bag of energetic challenge and change.

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