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March to May 2024

Opportunities to empower

What I would really like to talk about Astrologically, is the series of opportunities being presented to us over the coming month, month and a half with a stellium of planets passing over the earths axis point at, Zero degree Aries, the very beginning, the Cardinal point of the zodiac.

To a certain extent this happens every year, as the personal planets go through Aries, but this year, as well as Mars joining the annual party, we have Pluto, the planet of power and regeneration at the beginning of Aquarius, in happy sextile to this point.

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This is both the “I Am”, and the “new beginning” point of the zodiac. The sextile to Pluto brings a deeply powerful new energetic opportunity to this point. Pluto in sextile, invites and incites, but does not force. The sextile is the aspect of opportunity, and choice The ingredients are on the counter, but will we choose to bake the cake. Knowledge, as always is the key.

Pluto invites us to dig deep and renew. This opportunity is huge, Nothing less than in-depth personal, and if enough of us go there, collective transformation, regeneration The ability to understand and step into our own power.

This is all about Aries, the leader, the warrior energetic, who I am and who I choose to be.

Also present in Aries, are Eris, the female warrior, and Chiron, the wounded healer, and the North node, our point of destiny. There is a powerful choice to be made around the Karma of humanity, the medical system, Warriors, and leaders.

We also have two eclipses, and a mercury retrograde, all in Aries, all over the coming month and a half, as well as the Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Taurus. Whoo Hoo!

What a major transformational ride!!!

As all the personal planes passing over the Aries cardinal point in succession, they create a new beginning for each of us every spring,.

This is the place in the zodiac where everything begins anew,

The inner planets are named the personal planets because they represent just that, our inner world. The Sun represents our soul energy, what fires us up, the Moon, our feelings, Mercury, how we think, travel, communicate, Venus how we love, our self worth, and Mars, our sexuality, what drives us.

As each one passes over the Cardinal point, they touched by the magic of Pluto.

This gives us the opportunity to personally, on an inner level, dig deep, and face what is truly going on.

Pluto’s passage into Aquarius is transforming our understanding, of science, of who we are, and what our place is in the universe. And it is these deep and powerful realizations that we are assessing and assimilating.

Pluto, as lord of the underworld, takes us to the depths, to see the truth there may be pain, or even even trauma to deal with, This is a collective choice point, we can choose to collectively stand up and become a new warrior for peace, or, we can ignore the situation, sweep this under the carpet, and endure the resulting chaos. The choice, more than ever now is ours.

Past Pluto and into the new age.

As the new age begins, one of the many fascinating things that is happening is that we are discovering more and more planets beyond Pluto. These are often referred to collectively as the kyper belt objects, or the quantum planets. These are energetic opportunities that come along when we are ready for them. We literally cannot see a planet until we are ready for it’s nature it’s energetic, to be assimilated within humanity.

When we discovered Pluto, we simultaneously discovered, through the work of Freud and Jung, that we have a thing called an unconscious, which we are all now aware of has the potential to control from bellow without conscious awareness.

In order to access the new quantum energetic, we must each first negotiate our own inner Pluto.

This represents the necessity to move consciously beyond our unconscious conditioning. As long as we remain in a state of unconscious, unrecognized trauma, on the quantum level, this is what we will recreate. However, when we are conscious of our deep inner workings, we are able to control these lower emotions and choose what and how we magnetize.

With Pluto in Sextile to the Cardinal point we are being gifted the opportunity to Choose.

To Step beyond the confines of the unconscious, to utilize our God given power of choice to move beyond Pluto beyond our unconscious fears, and to truly assimilate and truly step into the realms of the quantum.

All of which means that by the beginning of May, we will all be looking at the world from a very different perspective.