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Chiron conjunct the North Node. February 2024

Dig deep and Heal.

2024 is the most extraordinary year of challenge and transformation, and February is no exception. As the North Node conjuncts Chiron this February, we are both invited and challenged to step up into our greater selves. Time to both find and embody our inner superhero.

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The Nodes represent our collective and individual Karma. They have two ends, the North and South nodes, in Indian mythology they are represented by a dragon who was cut in half.

Rahu, the North node, is the dragons head our way forward, always hungry, always searching, always looking for more, and Ketu, the dragons tale, represents our old Karma, that which must be released.

Thus, as Ketu heads through the dependency signs, we are releasing old securities and old ways of relating. Relationships that do not honor you will pass. It is time for us to step into the North node in Aries, the sign of the individual, and the warrior. At this time we are called on to recognise our own inner warrior, and the February part of that journey involves negotiating the energetic of Chiron, or the place where we have been wounded.

Chiron was a Centaur, half man, half horse. As a youth felt completely alienated. Whilst all the other lads were into swordplay and fighting, all Chiron wanted to do was read poetry and learn. As he grew, he wandered and travelled alone, until at last Apollo took pity on him, took him in, teaching him the healing properties of herbs. And so Chiron in time returned as a healer. However he also had another vital job, the training of hero’s.

Chiron trained Achilles, Jason of the Argonauts, and Hercules.

When and where we encounter Chiron, our wounds are exposed to the light of day, and it really brutally hurts. Therefore we have no option but to address the issue.

In Aries, he exposes wounds around our individually our integrity, and our leaders. Collective Karma around leadership, righteousness, and war are all up for painful revision this month. As well as an emphasis on physical wounding.

With Chiron conjunct the North node we are no longer able to sweep our collective pain under the carpet. It is our Karma this February, to face the truth. To face our collective wound’s, and through doing so discover that there is also a path to healing. It is time for us to become our own leaders, step into our inner-superhero and stand up for humanity.