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Pluto into Aquarius 21 Jan 2024

Time for the collective to awaken to their power.

Aquarius more than any other sign is the sign of “The People”.

It represents not just community, but the connection between like-minded souls that is a source of inspiration, and high ideals.

As Pluto, Lord of Death Transformation and Empowerment, heads into Aquarius, it is time for the collective to awaken to their power.

Traditionally, when Pluto changes signs, he brings some drama and change onto the world stage which epitomises that emerging energy. As we head closer to his ingress, on the 21st of January, all over Europe we see the people in uprising and rebellion. The farmers, the truckers, and the average Jo in the street are all standing up to say “No” to the globalist agenda.

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With Pluto in Capricorn. The sign of tradition and structure, the power has been in the hands of the old order. As he shifts into Aquarius, so does the locus of power.

Fascinatingly, he makes this move in Tandem with the Sun, Literally, The sun moves into Capricorn, and 28 minutes later, Pluto follows. What does this extraordinary partnership symbolise?

The Soul intention of the people is at one with Lord Pluto, in his desire to uncover, discover, transform and empower.

Pluto’s job, as Lord of the underworld, is to invite, nay, force us to open the depths of hell, and to examine it’s contents in order that we may transform them in the light.

As he journeyed through Capricorn, he tore down the sacred cows of Government, Big banks and corporations. exposing their vile and sordid underbelly.

Now as he ingresses into Aquarius, he will equally expose any dark scientific underbelly, shining his empowering light on any hidden Science and, or scientific malpractice.

Consider that Traditional Aquarian archetype, the mad scientist.

What versions of hell might Pluto reveal.

Yet, Pluto opens the gates of hell in order that we may transform, and through doing so take back our power.

Aquarius is an air sign, he covers the realm of idea’s, the higher mind, our connection to our own Godhead, what we believe, and how we think. The potential is huge, quantum leaps upon quantum leaps

Aquarius rules electricity, and electro magnetism.

Many new power sources will become available, both hidden and new technologies will likely explode onto the scene, water-powered cars, space and even time travel are possibilities, as Pluto brings the power of technology to the collective.

Equally, a whole new understanding of our own nervous system and electromagnetic body will emerge, expanding our understanding from one based on the physical to one based on energy and concepts. Imagine our Chakra’s turned from the realm of myth and legend into just another body part, as Pluto applies his transformational energetic to us and our world.

But please Remember…

Aquarius is ruled by both Uranus, and Saturn, and whilst Uranus is the revolutionary, Saturn rules the law structure, brick walls.

Both energetics are present and both absolutely necessary.

Our challenge with Pluto in Aquarius, to find the balance, between the Saturn and Uranus, between structure and revolution.

Too much structure (Saturn) and we wind up in a prison state, too little and we dissolve into scientific chaos.

Both the wonderful, and the potentially scary thing about Aquarius is how full of vast, untapped potential it is.

Pluto demands that we observe both the darker side, as well as the human potential, and make a moral judgement.

We’d all like to be able to learn a new language at the touch of a button, but do you really want a brain implant?

And in what way will it interfere with your personal electromagnetic field and your innate psychic abilities?

We’d all like to feel younger, fitter and healthier, but does how the extraction method of adrenachrome sit with your conscience?

These are a few of the issues that we will be looking at over the next 20 years along with AI, Alien contact and a mind blowing explosion of human potential.

Pluto’s passage through Aquarius will no doubt transformation our perception of completely absolutely everything.

Aquarius, above all is the sign of the unexpected, pretty much anything could happen!!!

Open your mind and enjoy the ride!