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New Moon Eclipse 14/10/23

Warrior Women Arise

The New Moon Eclipse on the 14th is one of those particular turning points in history, and as things stand, with Pluto Squaring the Nodes during Eclipse season, things could go either way.

This year, as Pluto Lord of the underworld travels through the final, critical degrees of Capricorn, (how we structure our world), he is exposing the deepest, the worst excesses of society and it’s power structure, in order that things may be cleansed and renewed.

Key words for Pluto are Death, Transformation, and Rebirth, and very often these words describe the plutonian process. Pluto always asks us to look at issues of power. At this stage, we are all aware that the old power structure is not as was presented to us in the past. The cracks in the old structure are visible, and the demons have been climbing up from the depths for a while. We have been through the symbolic death of our old beliefs, we comprehend the need for transformation, and are more than ready for the rebirth, (2025 is looking good, More to come on that); Meanwhile, this Eclipse with Pluto square to the Nodes tells us we are at a Karmic choice point about power and power over.

This Pluto square the Nodes is one that we have been feeling on a personal level for a while. There has been a deep internal examination going on. Old redundant patterns are quickly bought into the light for reexamination and processing and we move on.
The depth and speed of this transformation is aided by our new position in the Photon belt, since 2012, there is simply more light on the planet for the first time in 11,000 years.
Therefore, we can see more clearly. The negative brain fog that has afflicted humanity is clearing, making it so much easier to perceive those old emotional blockages and clear them.
This is Pluto’s true gift , the empowerment of self through internal processing and self knowledge. The more self knowledge we gain, the less enthusiastic we are about gifting our power to others. And this is the challenge of the Square to the Nodes. Do we collectively take our power or do we collectively gift it to other?

The Nodes represent our Karmic paths, with the North Node daring us into step into the future and the unknown, and the South Node representing old ways of behaviour that have become stagnant and stuck. Facinatingly, it is on the South Node that we have this New Moon Eclipse.
Eclipses always represent sudden shocking unexpected change, an old way of life eclipsed.
This eclipse looks to me like a new power grab by the old power forces in the world.

Hope comes to us in the vision of Eris Warrior woman, sister to Mars, sitting conjunct the North Node in Aries, The sign of the Warrior.
Here she indicates humanities way forward.
It is time for us all to stand up and fight.
Eris, as a female warrior differs from Mars. Where Mars might fight for ego or money, For Eris, intention is everything, and her causes must always be just.
It takes a lot for that Eris energetic to be triggered, she is a newly discovered plant, (2005) and as such we are only just beginning to absorb and internalize her energy.
Her energetic is one of Soul truth justice, and clarity.
She fights for the Earth.
She fights for rights.
She fights for the children.
And as such, when she channels that power she is unstoppable.