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Into the age of Aquarius.

Through Chiron, and into the quantum.

What I would like to address, what fascinates me as an astrologer heading into the new age of Aquarius, is the new potential I see emerging in every birth chart once we include both the Asteroid Goddesses, and, what we refer to as the Kuiper belt objects, or what are collectively becoming known as, “The quantum planets”.

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Pretty much every time I include these so called Asteroids, and please bear in mind, the Asteroid Goddesses were up there with the gods in the original astrology. They, in parallel to women’s true role in society have been first, demoted, and then, so repressed that they have been forgotten; so, 90% of the time, when I include these ‘new’ elements, in a chart reading, I see a Grand trine, a new potential of harmony and peace emerge within the chart.

What this is saying quite clearly, is that when we include both the sacred feminine, and the new quantum planets in the equation, there is very clearly, a completely new level of harmony, and potential available to us, on a level, both collectively and individually that we have never accessed before.

So lets pick that apart, beginning with the demotion, repression, and then loss of the sacred feminine.

When the Matriarchy was in ascendance, many sacred aspects of the feminine were acknowledged and worshiped. Vesta, Goddess of the hearth fire and sexual power, Pallas Athene, the wise warrior queen, and Ceres, the Great mother, to name but a few.

But, as woman became subjugated to man, so, equally each of the Goddess energies were demoted. Vesta, denied her sexuality, and became the nun, Pallas became the woman in a mans world, the eternal tomboy, and Ceres was reduced to the woman in the home cooking cleaning and caring for others.

At the turning of the ages, we experience a time of clearing, and remembering like no other..

A concluding of old Karmic patterns that we have been working of for two thousand years, and a remembering.

A remembering of who we truly are; and a huge part of that work right now, is the rediscovering, the uncovering of the true role of the sacred feminine.

When a new planet is discovered and comes into our orbit, this indicates humanity is ready to assimilate that new learning.

Since 2005, we have the discovery of numerous asteroids out beyond Neptune, some of which we are familiar with, and many more that we aren’t. With the discovery of these asteroids, in true Aquarian style we are being bombarded with new potential, and new possibilities.

And fascinatingly, as well as being dubbed the quantum plants, (because this is the level on which they manifest), they are all being named after ancient tribal Gods and Goddesses.

Therefore describing the two ways that these energetics work.

Firstly, these are quantum planets.

They work through understanding and manipulation of consciousness.

And, secondly, that this is old knowledge that was available to our ancestors that has been lost through time.

Key to all of this, is how do we get there?

And Chiron, as always, is the key.

His symbol is shaped like a key. He was one of the first asteroids to be discovered in the 70’s

Chiron represents the area where we are wounded, and in need of healing. He has a fascinating orbit. It’s not a circular, but elliptical. Practically, that means that he travels between Saturn, the planet that represents how we believe our world is structured, and Uranus, the great awakener, and Lord of the new age.

His orbit brings in new information to help us heal, evolve and restructure our world with the higher understanding of Uranus.

To quote Melanie Kline, the first astrologer to recognise and name Chiron’s potential,

“Suffering is present in everyones life, but relating with wisdom and compassion to our own experience turns ‘poison into medicine’. Thus we develop awareness which both accompanies and also initiates new stages of our spiritual journey”

So, Chiron opens the door to the inner healing that allows us to pass previous barriers, transforming our personal subjective view into a comprehension of a larger potential for humanity and for ourselves.

The Kuiper belt objects and the new understanding they bring invite in a whole new Uranian/quantum way of living and manifesting which may well exceed our wildest ‘Old age” dreams. Haumia, for example has a magic stick from the Makalei tree that enables her to magically conjure up food. She also has the power of eternal youth, with each birth she was destroyed and reborn. These are a but few of the new energetics with which we are working with in the now.

What excites me as an astrologer is observing the incredible new levels of manifestation and harmony that exist for each of us individually, and collectively as step together into this new age of potential.