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New Moon in Taurus 13th November 2023

‘Times are a changing’

This is a big one.

Coming after it does after the shock of the eclipses, we are still collectively reeling,

as the Universe throws us another curve ball of change.

This new Moon comes in with a bang, conjunct fiery Mars, opposite Uranus, the great awakener, Things could get explosive!

Uranus rules electricity, from lightening to our nervous system.

Mars in opposition, becomes the impassioned warrior.

Shocks and surprises abound.

Also conjunct the new Moon and Mars, is Ceres, Goddess of grain and harvest.

Her story is one of Motherhood, of loss and return. Pluto Lord of the underworld stole Persephone, her beloved daughter and took her to his lair. Ceres responded by withholding her gift of grain and harvest to the world for three years until her daughter was returned.

This energetic can bring sudden changes in food security, and issues arising around lost children.

It’s on what we call the ‘security access’, between Taurus and Scorpio.

At this New Moon look to new and innovative ways of providing for your own physical and financial security, as old systems undergo fundamental change and fiery challenge.