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“I’m thrilled to share my experience with an extraordinary astrologer who read my birth chart with astonishing accuracy. She delved into my childhood events with such precision, it left me in awe.” Teneshia Briggs

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This reading comes as a 50 minute Audio file packed full of personalized information, specific to you and your journey.

This reading covers, both the natal map, as well as the energetics the stars are creating for you now

I always think of the birth chart as your personalized map to happiness and fulfillment.

So how does this work?

Self-knowledge is the key, and this is precisely what the birth chart gives us.

The emphasis of the natal reading is your potential.

Your birth chart is an intimate character study.

A Map, which provides a guide to both your strengths and your weaknesses as well as valuable information on how to transform even your most challenging aspects into blessings.

Transit reading (Included )

The Transit reading provides guidance on

What is going on for you now?

How long will it last?

& How to make the best of it?

For me these are key features of astrology which can help in a very practical, every day way.

When we are going through a rough patch, or in the doldrums, nothing helps more than knowing the timing. Nothing lasts forever, and this particular energetic will end by this date. Meanwhile, astrology can point us towards the positive opportunities of this time.

That is one of the many the super fab things about astrology.

Every transit, every moment contains both a higher and a lower energetic.

When we are aware of the positive potential, we can use the power of our intention, the power of choice to step into our highest self, and achieve our greatest potential.

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Quantum Reading €130 Contact me @

This reading comes as a 70 minute Audio file.

In this reading,as well as the complete natal and transit reading, I include the Kuiper belt objects or what are collectively becoming known as “The quantum planets”.

When a new planet is discovered and comes into our orbit, this indicates humanity is ready to assimilate that new learning.

Since 2005, we have the discovery of numerous asteroids out beyond Neptune. With the discovery of these asteroids, in true Aquarian style we are being bombarded with new potential, different possibilities open before our eyes.

And fascinatingly, as well as being dubbed the quantum plants, (because this is the level on which they manifest), they are all being named after ancient tribal Gods and Goddesses.

Therefore describing the two ways that these energetics work.

Pretty much every time I include both the Asteroids and our new quantum planets, beautiful trines appear in the Birth Chart, indicating a new potential of harmony and peace, on a level, both collectively and individually that we have never accessed before.

“Wow! This reading was so different than any one I’ve had previously. I love how Jocelyn looks at the asteroids and how they’re influencing the chart.

If you want a deep dive into your chart, schedule with Jocelyn!”

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“Better than a psychic” Dublin Ciara