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My clients send me the most beautiful testimonials

Dear Jocelyn,

You are all kinds of wonderful!

Well, just wow! 

My humble and sincere gratitude for this reading. 

You spoke to me. The real me. 

Thank you, a million times over.


You are all kinds of wonderful!

Dear Jocelyn,

I love the reading you gave me—you fire on all cylinders: compassion, love, deep knowledge, extreme intelligence, wow!!–​I’ve already listened to it twice!! I will definitely recommend you to my friends—you are amazing!



Dear Jocelyn,

I can’t put in to words, how much that reading meant to me. 

Your words, voice and all of those incredible insights somehow offered me a great deal of comfort, listened to under the stars here in Turkey. It really does feel like it had to be tonight that everything lined up for this recording from you. I am doing a long distance trek. And today my internal dialogue was quite overwhelming in the questions about self worth. I had a number of things that you said running through my head. And the thought that I had to somehow face up to somethings in order to be able to continue on at all. 

 I just want to say a really big Thankyou. It really touched me. And I found your investment in it so deeply touching. I went back and replayed, and wrote thoughts down and quotes from you. But I liked best just listening and trying to follow little as I could, It really spoke to me. 


Thank you so much,

Dear Jocelyn, I am just writing to say how amazed I am with your recording.. I have listened to it few times and will need to listen again to get the whole message… Thank you so much!

Thank you once again for this amazing information!

With best wishes


Dear Jocelyn, It has taken me two weeks to write this review of my astrology reading with Jocelyn, during which time I have listened to her recordings a few times – there is much to absorb and learn and I will no doubt listen to them again. My session with Jocelyn has, among other things, inspired me to establish a daily writing routine.
“It’s time for you to channel young lady,” she said, referring to one of the key influences in my natal chart,  Jupiter’s alignment with the Galactic Centre. She explained that the next few months are a time when writing/publishing is favourably  aspected for me.
I enjoyed my session with Jocelyn from start to finish. She let me know in advance that she is working from her build in progress off-grid home nestled in the depths of Tuamgraney countryside, in east Clare, and offered to do the session in a room in a nearby village if I had an issue with using an outdoor compost bathroom.
I was happy to travel to hers. I turned into the wrong driveway en route and while reorienting myself watched a hawk swoop past the passenger window, an auspicious start for me. I called Jocelyn from my car who walked out to the entrance of her property next home along on a narrow one car country road lined with trees.
While Joycelyn did not have a crystal ball in the room nor wear a gypsy scarf, she had an artistic presence and a fit and youthful energy.
It was clear to me that she  sees and lives in more than four dimensions, her re-telling of the mythic stories was entrancing as she wove the significance of the mythos of asteroids, Pallas Athena, Vertex, Black moon Lilith, Makemake, Ceres, within my chart. This information was new to  me and not something that had been touched on in my previous astrology readings.  Watching her quickly talk herself through the transits, and recap before she began recording was impressive, to say the least.
Jocelyn has been a studying astrology for over 30 years, however it is only in recent years that she commenced offering  professional readings. Describing herself as an Evolutionary Astrologer, she specialises in looking at the South Node/past life/karma patterning we came in with and how to transmute and transform the issues we have been working on in recent lifetimes in order to step into dharma, as we embody and open to the incoming jewels of our North Node.

This reading felt spot on and exactly what I’d been discussing at home and seeking to change at this time.

Our session comprised of two parts, the first a reading of my natal chart, the second focused on the current planetary transits influencing me.
I went along with a good understanding of my natal chart, having had a handful of readings with other astrologers since I  turned 30, all of which were useful.
Jocelyn’s reading tied all I had previously learned together and helped me understand aspects of my natal chart that I didn’t know where there.

Her reading gave me a new and deeper understanding of my personal astrology, and because she includes the influence of the asteroids within her readings, I discovered I have a stellium of planets in Leo, including Mercury retrograde, which was a revelation to me and explains why I have, what has been described to me by others as my own language..

If you are wanting to have an astrological reading, I’d happily recommend Jocelyn.


Dear Jocelyn You are correct! I have been working on myself for a long time and doing “Frequency” work with Mas Sajady. He is amazing! You really are spot on with my struggles and my patterns that I need to let go of!


“No-nonsense and grounded in a lifetime of experience. This is the biz if you are serious about wanting to really know what the stars foretell for you”

Kitty Kaos (NYC)

The reading was hugely revealing to me at a time in my life where so much was happening to me ,outside events ,grief ,sadness chaos ,my coping mechanisms were described pretty aptly .But much more than that a path was also laid out for me in which I can take direction and how I can move forward beneficially.

This reading has shown me a map of potential that I could follow. Where I could go from here. Renewed hope and a sense of purpose in a time where I may not have had any. Jocelyn also explained my pitfalls and potential for them .It wasn’t all hope and glory as life in itself isn’t, but she explains all facets with a sincere level of empathy and understanding.

Eileen (Tralee)

“Exceptionally accurate” Myra (Scariff)

“Superb insight” Mick (co. Clare)

“An insight into my past and my future” David (Tulla)

Thank you so much Jocelyn! I’m really going to reflect over everything that came up and I’m blown away with how amazing you are and  everything is resonating for me at the minute. Amazing work thank you .

Tina, (Ennis)

“I was impressed by Jocelyn’s passionate enthusiasm and thoroughness”

Eva (Feakle)

“I felt very comfortable talking to Jocelyn during my reading. I didn’t feel at all judged and I loved her great enthusiasm. I was amazed at the accuracy of everything she told me.

No-one has ever acknowledged my past pain before in the way she did.

I was extremely comforted to realise that my past lives had been hard , it’s helped me a lot to make sense of everything in my life and to realise I can choose to move forward differently with positivity and joy instead of drudgery”.

Kay (Co. Clare)

Getting a reading from Jocelyn was a pleasure. Not only was it very accurate but her way of communicating what she read was very clear and understandable.

I want to say thanks again for the reading. It was a really special gift.

Sinead (Mountshannon)

“It was interesting to hear things I know are true about my personality and great to get some pointers about how to move forward”

Etaoin (Cork)

. Thank you so much for your time and wise words on Friday.  I can’t believe that you ever doubted that you would be a great astrologer

I am so happy that I asked you to do my reading and I don’t think I can convey with words how grateful I am and how much this will help me moving forward.


I received such an excellent reading from Jocelyn. I’m going through some major changes in my life and this reading has helped me understand the effects these transits are having on me. She was astounded on how my life is unfolding and how my past life is affecting me now, as well as I am astounded by her knowledge which helped me open my eyes to how it all relates to my life now. There was so much information, I’ve gone back and re-listened to my recording many times. Jocelyn is so passionate and enthusiastic. You will not be disappointed by getting a reading from her. Judy

“Jocelyn’s astrological readings surprise me with delight every time! She works on so many different levels. Every re-listen to her readings brings additional insights and understanding about complex factors that are affecting your daily experience and bigger picture. Her translations of the starry placements and their potentials are so rich with wisdom, compassion, and useful application. As a teacher of teachers and a trainer and astrologer of astrologers, I am always looking to be taught by the unique perceptions of my students, and working with Jocelyn has really delivered to me some life-changing insights that I will be truly ever grateful for. I highly, highly, highly recommend her work.”

Annie Bottechelli, Astrologer, spiritual teacher, business mentor.