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Mars conjunct Pluto Feb 11th to 14th.

Tread gently through the minefield.

Mars Conjunct Pluto is always a slightly dodgy one, bringing with it the combination of martial aggression, and the depths of hell . As they conjoin at the start of Aquarius, they will bring a powerful energetic drive to all that must be transformed.

Pluto’s entrance into Aquarius on the 22nd of January this year has heralded an explosion of rebellion across Europe, with the farmers, truckers, and ordinary people standing up and saying No to the globalist agenda.

The darker aspects of Capricorn were revealed as Pluto passed over the final 29 degree point of that sign.

This placement is called the aneretic degree, and always reveals the worst of that sign for us to transform. The ongoing revelations of corruption, abuses of power, and hidden agendas are the result of Pluto’s deep dive into this placement.

As Mars passes over this point, he brings a drive and energy to the situation. Likely, as he passes through the last degrees of Capricorn, he will bring his aggression to “ The Power’s that be” in the form of government clampdowns, and even martial action against any perceived insurrection. However, as Mars moves on into Aquarius on Feb the 13th,, the power and drive will shift from old power structures into the into the hands of the people.