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Full Moon In Aries 29th September 2023

Full Moon In Aries, 29th September 23

The Full Moon in Aries shines her light directly onto two asteroids. Palais Athena, and Vesta.
This brings to light issues of feminine wisdom, and the role of woman in society.
Both representing female goddess energy that was demoted with the arrival of the patriarchal system.

“Palais Athena, Virgin goddess of wisdom was second only to Jupiter, King of heaven,
in her importance to Classical Greece
“Demetra George Asteroid Goddesses”

Opposite the full moon, conjunct the Sun, We have Palais Athena. Traditionally depicted with helmet and shield, her gift of wisdom is symbolised by an owl, and her gift of prophecy, by a Snake.
Palais Athena brought humanity many skills, how to plough, how to sew, and heal.

Her Origin is that of the Amazonian tribes, where she was their Maiden protectress, an aspect of their triple Goddess culture.
The story of feminine demotion is told in the legends of the Greeks.
Her own sister Goddess, Medusa, was raped in Palais’ temple. Instead of punishing the perpetrator, Palais punished her sister for the crime being of being raped.
Both her history, and her roll in the destruction of the feminine is emblazoned on her shield in the head of Medusa.

But it was Palais, who dealt the final blow to the feminine, during the trial of Orestes, who was on trial for the killing of his own Mother!

During the trial, Apollo said

“ The mother is not the true parent of the child
Which she called her’s. She is a Nurse who tends the growth
Of a young seed planted by it’s true parent, the male”

             From Aeschylus, the Orestian trilogy.

It was Pallas Athena who cast the deciding vote exonerating Orestes of his crime, validating the superiority of the male.
And it is this ancient imbalance that the full moon shines her light on.
Emphasised by her presence in Libra, this ancient injustice, and need for will be observable both on a personal and global scale.

But what is this lost feminine wisdom, and where do we find it.
Pallais symbolizes feminine wisdom, the wisdom of instinct, of gut knowledge.
The disconnect from this symbolized by the rape and beheading of Medusa. is the disco

Vesta too speaks to us of ancient feminine wisdom demoted, and dishonoured.
Originally called Heista, she was the keeper of the sacred hearth fire, the flame.
Centre of the home, Vesta, was considered the sacred guardian of home and community.
In ancient times when you traveled you brought with an ember from you’re hearth, ensuring warmth, protection and the continuation of the community.

However as Greek, then the Roman patriarchal culture took over, her demotion was insured.
A temple built to Vesta in Rome, contained at its centre the sacred flame.
Here girls were placed at age 6 to tend the flame essential to the survival of Rome.
Any breaches of virginity punishable by public torture and death.

As the full moon shines her light on these two archetypes of feminine power and wisdom, we are invited to reflect on our own connection to these aspects.
Are we familiar with our inner passion and wisdom?
Are we connected to our own sacred flame?

We all have passion, instinct, and sacred sexuality, but we also have the collective legend of punishment and torture for it’s expression; whether through the demonization of Mary Magdalene, for her sexuality, or the honoring of “Mary Mother of God” for her virginity!

Both are distorted views, and both of which require, a new vision, a new story and it is this that the full moon in Aries invites us to discover.

Also strongly at play at this Full moon is the energetic of Pluto square the nodes.

As the full moon passes through Aries, on the 30th, and still very much in her Full Moon Power Phase, she passes over the North Node, South Nodal access, Presently squared by Pluto, lord of the underworld.

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