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Eris conjunct the North Node in Aries; September – October 2023

The compassionate warrior

The Nodes represent our Karmic path, both in our individual charts, and collectively, as they transit through the signs.
The North Node is our karmic way forward, the way which will bring us the most happiness and success.
The South Node represents both an area of familiarity and understanding, but also a place where we hold deeply embedded patterns which require resolution, a letting go.
As the Nodes travel through the Aries/ Libra access, the North Node in Aries encourages us to grasp the nettle, face our fears. To have the courage to pioneers a new way of being.

Eris, the Warrior Woman, has been in Aries for all of our lifetimes. Sister to Mars, she represents our newly awakening feminine warrior spirit. Initially nicknamed Zena, she travels through time defending the weak, the outcast, and the underdog.
Newly discovered in 2005, since that time we have been exploring the potential of this newly available energetic.

Her contrast to Mars is her intention.

Where Mars will go to war for money, power or ego, Eris has a powerfully ethical streak, and it is this strong ethic and compassion, that draws her into the fight.
Her mission is to champion peace, justice, and clarity.
As such her energy and will can at times be above and beyond.
She is the warrior who stands in front of the loggers to protect the trees.
She is the mother who lifts the bus that has trapped her child.
She is also, conjunct the North node in Aries, all through September, October, and November,
Symbolizing our collective way forward.