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Pluto square the nodes. June to September 2023

A choice point for humanity

As a one of the slow moving outer planets, Pluto, Lord of the underworld, affects transformation deeply, powerfully, and over a long stretch of time.
His passage through Capricorn,(the structure that is), has most definitely transformed our view of Authority figures and the way our power system works.
In the last, critical degrees of Capricorn, he is bringing up the worst, the deepest, most hidden, abuses to be transformed.

The Nodes represent our Karmic path. The North Node being our way of happiness and success, and the South Node deeply embedded patterns which require resolution.
With Pluto square the nodes, we are at a choice point. To quote the master, Geofry Woolfe Green, a square to the nodes represents a “skipped step”. Something that we have confronted before, but about which we have more to learn.
The danger here, is that it can go either way, we can either take our power and transform our collective power structure, or not. This is the challenge of our time.
During this square the nodes have travelled back through the first degrees of Taurus/Scorpio, and onto the Aries Libra access.
With the North Node in Earthy Taurus, we examined new ways of self reliance and self sufficiency, letting go of old dependence’s. With the North Node in the warrior sign of Aries, we are going to require courage, new leaders, and a pioneering spirit to find our way forward. Very much letting go of old ways of relating.