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Astrology overview 2023

2023 Astrology report

2023-01-10 15:39:16

2023 brings us a mixed bag of energetic challenge and change.

Pluto, the planet of death, transformation, and rebirth, is moving between Capricorn and Aquarius this year. Capricorn represents old established power structures within the world, and Aquarius is the sign of the New Age we are now collectively entering.

The last few, and first degrees of a sign are called the Aneretic, or critical degrees, simply because 29 Degrees is the place of transition, and any planet touching that point will exhibit the worst, the most extremely negative characteristics of that sign, in order to finally comprehend, assimilate and purge the worst that energetic can produce.

With Pluto passing through the critical degrees between Capricorn and Aquarius this year, we will be negotiating how much control and authority will remain in the hands of established power systems; Verses, how we choose to collectively take our power in a new, as yet unestablished Aquarian way.

Initially, Pluto at the 29 degree point of Capricorn, will finally reveal to us, the deepest, the most depraved, the very worst of of the abuses of power which have previously been hidden.

And it is these revelations, which will guide and inform the next stage of our evolution, that which we reject, and that which we choose.

Pluto entering Aquarius will bring challenges around science, and beliefs. Around our collective power, and how we we wield it.

Are we individuals stepping into the fourth industrial revolution? Where we are happily connected by a brain chip to the internet of things. Where disease can be detected by our internal nano chips and we can have the potential to learn a language overnight… (as long as our social credits are in order).


Are we individuals aware of a whole new potential in the quantum arena, where science meets spirituality, exploring and discovering new levels of consciousness.

Are we stepping into an energetic revolution where we learn to use the forgotten parts of our brains, and re-connect to our true oneness. The abillity to connect, and access higher learning direct from source

A new source of power and connection.

Our internal light.

This year, as Pluto negotiates this energetic transition, we will experience initially, a series of endings and destruction followed by transformation and empowerment.

This energetic is particularly highlighted by the eclipses with Pluto in exact square to the first eclipse of the year on April the 20th.

Both squares and Eclipses indicate Drama, and conflict will emerge around all the above.

This is a fiery Aries new moon eclipse, also at that 29 degree point.

This is a critical time of transition for humanity bringing up issues of “The new power system”, and who is in control.

Leaders may rise or fall, sudden fires, wars or aggressive action may ensue.

The second eclipse two weeks later creates a T-square with freedom loving Uranus, and fiery Eris, indicating that the taking freedoms will also encompass the challenge of being excluded in some way..

Please bear in mind, Aquarius has two rulers. Enlightened rebellious Uranus is partnered by authoritarian Saturn, and as Pluto representing raw power enters Aquarius, we are both empowered and enlightened, whilst simultaneously experiencing a structural limitation.

There are so many ways in which our new age can manifest, and in 2023 all is still up for grabs….