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Specializing in past life resolution, bringing healing in the now.My fascination with Astrology began in my teens when I met my first astrologer. My specialty is the big picture. My readings focus on the evolutionary journey of your Soul. Understanding Past life karma, brings a depth of comprehension, and clarity to the present, which is in my experience unparalleled.


Astrology, the Big Picture.

Astrology is thousands of years old. It was used by Socrates, Ptolemy, and Aristotle, it was the original psychology, using archetypes in the forms of gods and daemons, to portray the journey of the soul.

It is an astonishing and powerful life tool, which enables us to understand our our lives the universe, and ourselves from a far greater perspective.

My specialty is in using family patterns, and past lives to inform and guide the present incarnation.

What can Astrology do for You?

I always think of the birth chart as your personalized map to happiness and fulfillment. So how does this work? Self-knowledge is the key, and this is precisely what the birth chart gives us. 

Your birth chart is a map of your potential . An intimate character study; providing a guide to both your strengths and your weaknesses as well as providing valuable information on how to transform even your most challenging aspects into blessings.



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