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Planting with the moon

A bit like planting in spring, and harvesting in the autumn, just what you do...

2022-05-12 12:08:50

Planting with the moon

(Feedback please)

I have always planted with the moon. In a way unconsciously. It’s just always been there.

A bit like planting in spring, and harvesting in the autumn, just what you do…

So I was absolutely shocked and amazed last year when in conversation with a friend, an avid gardener, that he didn’t plant this way, didn’t work with the moon, and basically had no idea about it.

I began my gardening when I lived at Talley Valley, a tipi village in Wales, where we had twice monthly sweat lodges, and I think it was the community marking of those energetics that first gave me my awareness, and love of astrology.

As I’m sure so many of you know… when you live in a community with awareness of those rhythms, they just become both obvious and undeniable..

When comments like, “wow that was a really full on full moon”, or, “New moon tomorrow, time to get the shoots in’ simply serve to highlight and underscore those universal truths…

So back to planting…I have always, quite simply, planted with the moon. Roots in the waning moon, and shoots, ie everything that goes above ground as the Moon grows.

It’s a simple energetic pulling. I cut my hair with the same rhythmic awareness. New Moon for length, and full for thickness… Where this knowledge come from, it;’s hard to say… gleaned and absorbed. Hence my love of astrology, our heavenly map of the tides..

Now I know that there are some extremely knowledgeable Steiner buffs out there, and I believe there is a whole wealth of planting knowledge coming from that stream of consciousness that I have no experience of, and would love to know more about.

So if anyone can point me in the right direction, please do…

Personally, I find that the more I live with awareness of, and in harmony with the energetic tides and rhythms, the easier my life becomes… asI learn to surf the energetic waves… and grow with the natural ebbs and flows of