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What is an astrology reading, and why get one?

Your birth chart is a map of your potential

Your birth chart is a map of your potential. An intimate character study; providing a guide to both your strengths and your weaknesses as well as providing valuable information on how to transform even your most challenging aspects into blessings.

An astrology reading is a sideways look at your whole life from a completely different perspective, especially of course, if you’ve never looked into astrology before.

We are not informed – But there actually is a map….

Of the whole of your life, and it is called the birth chart.

That Astrology formed part of the original sciences, alongside sacred geometry and math this has been deleted from our collective memory.

Astrology was the original psychology.

Mythical tales of the Gods and Goddesses, (the Planets) describe the hero’s journey throughout life, the challenges, the psychological patterns, and their resolutions are archetypal.

Characters and energetics that we all relate to…

There are the inner planets that represent our more personal emotions, Venus, goddess of love, or Mercury, the communicator, to name a couple…

The slower moving outer planets represent longer term, deeper energetics. We have Pluto, Lord of the underworld, representing our fated journeys into those heavier, more challenging emotions. Pluto represents where we are forced to face our own daemons, and through this symbolic death and rebirth take our own power…

My readings assume that you are a soul here to evolve, with certain lessons,shown in the birth  chart, ripe at this time for Karmic growth and resolution.

This is nearly always the main focus of my readings, although, I do of course angle to the particular nature of the inquiry..

Unless very young, we are all familiar with the nature of our own Karma.

 As above so bellow. The heavens gift us a map.

I provide a range of readings & prices,

focusing on the topic of your choice.

From love to finances, creativity to psychic powers, with focus past life resolution a specialty.

Costs range from €50 to €150 depending on your needs and your budget.

Option 1- Three questions with a 30 minute answer, recorded via email —  €50

Option 2- A Full Natal Reading lasts one hour, recorded answer via email —€100 or one on one session, in person or online.

A natal reading covers the birth map. Did you know that one of the original functions of the astrologer was as part of the tribal initiation ceremony? Not only is the astrologer able to look at karmic/soul choices made, and how to resolve them, there is also a great deal of information in the chart about appropriate area’s of work, strengths, your love life,  and so much more…

Astrology covers everything. A good astrologer will tell you how to make the absolute best of this lifetime in all its glory. Now is your chance to seize the opportunity.

Option 3- A Full Natal and Transit Reading lasts 90 minutes, recorded answer via email,–€150 or one on one session, in person or online

The transit reading deals with your here and now. As the planets move around the heavens, they make particular angles, or conjunctions, to your personal map, your own birth chart.

Transits describe the energetic tides of life, smooth and easy, or bumpy or rough. A transit reading holds two very important keys. Firstly, (and this works both with the birth chart and transit readings)..

Every planet/transit holds both a positive and a negative potential.

A higher and lower energetic.

When we are aware of these higher energies, we can make conscious personal choices about where to aim in order to find resolution and ease.

The second great thing about a transit reading is Timing.

When we are in the depths of hell, it can seem as if things will never change. – Astrology provides a timescale – Everything changes.

Whatever you are going through, whatever depths of heaven or hell… This particular energetic will not be going on for ever… The most positive way to use this is called “Astrological timing”.

There may only be a few days of the optimum timing to publish that book… as Jupiter passes over your 9th house Mercury and onto your midheaven, for example.

Or for your wedding date… Venus conjunct your North Node…

Astrology covers it all.

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