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Mercury Retrograde

2022-05-12 11:57:22

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is the messenger, The fastest planet, other than the emotional Moon.

Lord of travel, he loves to rush about, chatting, discussing new idea’s and concepts, having a great time getting along with others.

As one of the inner, or personal planets, his function is that of the mind. How we think, and how we communicate.

When in Retrograde, traditional Astrology can hold a somewhat negative view of Mercury, regarding it as a time of breakdowns in communication, vehicles, and devices, and most definitely not a time to make major purchases or sign contracts, and these things are of course all true.

However Evolutionary Astrology, as always, looks to the higher path. The opportunity within the energetic tide.

When he goes retrograde, between 2 and 4 times a year, we are gifted with the opportunity to revise our thinking.

Something we have been going forward on, and the area will be indicated by the house and sign that Mercury is in, is in need of some critical reevaluation.

This is a time to step back and do everything with re as a prefix… Re assess, reconsider, rethink, and also replenish, relax and renew.

It is as if there has been some fog or confusion which requires ironing out, a reconsideration of all those little cracks and nuances which make up the whole. And only when the broader picture is seen, and all the subtleties are understood are we ready to move forward at the time when Mercury goes direct. A little slowly and hesitantly at first, perhaps. But with a new found clarity and