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Mercury Retrograde Natal

Mercury Retrograde Natal

2021-08-31 16:39:36

Mercury Retrograde Natal

Mercury is retrograde 3 to 4 times a year, so roughly 20% of people will have Mercury retrograde in their Natal birth chart.

Mercury doesn’t actually physically travel backwards, but from our earth centric viewpoint, the viewpoint of astrology, it does appear to.

First a look at the challenges, and then to go into the benefits.

Mercury retrograde is synonymous with things going wrong in some way, and oftentimes these individuals can feel as if there is something wrong with them.

Mercury rules communications, and it can seem as if they just can’t get themselves heard or understood by the rest of the population. This can be so extreme that they can end up feeling that no one can actually even hear them. Another aspect of Mercury retrograde can be muddled thinking, it’s as if they just can’t think in a straight line, it can be hard to put ideas and concepts in a way that other people understand, it comes out all higgledy-piggledy and confused, leaving listeners perplexed and the natives bewildered

Miscommunications are rife. It is as if they and the rest of the world are using a totally different method of discernment and cognition; which can result in feeling lost, lonely and misunderstood.

The good news is that Mercury retrograde also brings with it a unique and special gift. A way of perceiving the world from a completely different perspective. Mercury retrograde rules the creative, the genius, the maverick who changes the world for the better with their sideways thinking and leftfield inspiration. Think Steve Jobs, think Madonna, think Lady Gaga, all with natal Mercury Retrograde.

Each of these figures have personally impacted and changed the world. Each using their unique concepts around communication have influenced and changed our whole culture.

So it would appear that exchange of ideas is key to successfully navigating this retrograde; it is just the how…

Right brain mediums are favored, such as music, or poetry, words that have taken time and consideration to form are less likely to be misunderstood.

The retrograde Mercury can convey those mystical, and magical realms most of the population are not privy to, but do in truth hold in awe and reverence. Bringing back these insights, these genius inspirations is their task. That, and putting them into an order, be it song, dance or other creative tool, that the rest of us mere linear thinkers can understand.

And, as with all astrology, we are given tools, a map. And one of the best things for a natal Mercury retrograde to know, is that when Mercury is in retrograde in the sky…

when the rest of us get to slow down reflect, and reconsider….


to buy that car, that new device, sign that contract. And all will go well… Mercury in the sky is now in harmony with their natal energetic. Time to go forward with confidence and ease.

How to find if you have mercury Retrograde Natally.

Go to, or café astrology, and get yourself a free birth chart. If Mercury has a small R or Rx next to it, you have a natal Mercury