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How to make your new moon wishes. In 4 easy steps.

How to make your new moon wishes. In 4 easy steps.

2021-05-08 12:55:47

New Moon wishes are designed to flow with the energetic tides of the month.

Set your wishes to grow into being with the energy of the full Moon.

1.Purify your space.

Create a sacred space for yourself.

There are many ways to do this, I am sure many of you already have your own. A few I enjoy are…

place an energetic circle of light 3 times around yourself and your


– include Crystals, they are concentrated light energy and will help

to amplify your vibration.

light incense smudge your space with sage or sweetgrass Light a sacred candle.

Consider the area of your chart the new moon is in, and make your wishes accordingly.

Is it in your …

…1st house of self-image and courage?

… 2nd house of self-worth and value?

… 3rd house of intellect and communication?

… 4th house of home and family?

… 5th house of lover’s creativity and children?

… 6th house of daily work self-analysis and health?

… 7th house partnerships and love?

… 8th house relationships, sex and transformation?

… 9th house of ideas beliefs and philosophies?

… 10th house of work and status?

… 11th house community groups and humanitarian efforts?

… 12th house of the unseen, connection with the divine, drugs and escapism?

Write your wishes down, I always start with the date of the moon and its sign. It can be useful to look back. In time you will create a diary which holds the energetic turning points of your inner world.

Strength comes in making your wishes, not so much with intention, as with gratitude, and depth of feeling.

Visualize yourself already there.

I begin my wishes with

I wish to grow my …….. – in my life.

I wish to establish …

Be as specific as possible, and make sure there is only one wish in each sentence.

Keep it simple and clear, the universe will respond in kind.

finish with a small prayer of gratitude, something along the lines of,

“Infinite and eternal universe, I offer these wishes up to you with gratitude and ask for grace, knowing they will be done.”