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Astrology. The Ascendant or Rising sign. Characteristics…

Astrology. The Ascendant or Rising sign. Characteristics…

2022-02-07 19:33:40

The lens through which we view our world


Aries Ascendant

Ruled by Mars, these individuals often have a visibly red aura, this can be seen in the hair, face and neck. They are often taller than average skinny, with a protruding forehead, and Adams apple, especially in the males. Eyebrows are often bushy with a tendency to meet at the nose. The forehead is wide, and the chin narrow.

Cardinal Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, likes to steam ahead, (sometimes unthinkingly). He is driven, sometimes aggressive, outspoken and individualistic. Starting projects, and ideally leading them is reason to be, lack of follow through may be an issue. Beware of that fiery temper, quick to anger, he is equally quick to cool. Championing the underdog he is life’s hero, courageously pioneering, independent, and confident, with the ability to take charge in a crisis, and thrive.

Taurus Ascendant

Ruled by Venus, Taurus rising is renowned for his appetites. This can make for a rather stout individual. Think bull like. A thick neck with a broad face and shoulders, hung on a generous, but sturdy frame.

Hands and fingers are chubby, and plump.

Patient, persistent, sometimes stubborn, Taurus rising is focused on the practical and tangible. His need is the creation of physical security in the form of money and possessions. There is often a gift for singing or oratory in some form.

Like the bull he is slow to temper, but when finally riled to action, the rest of do well to get out of the way.

The ascendant, or rising sign is the lens through which we see the world. It also rules our physical appearance.

Gemini Ascendant

Ruled by mercury, this rising sign is always on the move. Of average or less in height, the body is usually wiry, with hands and fingers that are long and strong. There may be some focus on communication through the hands, such as the playing of an instrument, or writing. There is often an appearance of duality about the face the nose may have a pronounced double tip, or a cleft chin.

Gemini Ascendant is both physically and mentally agile.

Mercury rules the nervous system, and may produce a slightly nervous, or agitated disposition. The world is an exciting place… there is always more to assimilate, to take in, more possibilities to explore.

There is a desire to experiment with and explore knowledge. Information, it’s assimilation and communication are the lifeblood of this individual, to connect, both verbally and via the written word. The mind is agile and alert, ready to absorb and collate. Always on the go…

The danger of Gemini rising energy is being jack of all trades. Life is just so full of exciting possibilities, he can just run around in circles absorbing a little bit of everything, but mastering none.


Cancer Ascendant

Ruled by the moon. Cancer ascendant like her planet will often have a roundish face. Normally short to medium height, with a roundness to the body, apple shaped would describe them well. Arms may have a crablike motion, with legs that are short and stocky. The hands and feet are usually delicate and small.

The moon rules our emotions, and like the moon this native is changeable. Many emotional states may be gone through in a day. Cancer is sensitive. When she is sensitive to your needs, she is the ultimate considerate nurturer; If on the other hand, she is lost in her own emotion, there is very little that can penetrate that state. There is a strong connection to family and tradition. The home holds great importance, and there is often a marked closeness to one or both parents.

Leo Ascendant

Ruled by the sun, Leo Ascendant likes to shine. Often there is a mane. If the native is bald, a thick bushy beard will suffice, and like the sun the mane often has either a reddish-golden hue or a halo like effect. This native has a large bearing and is often tall, and or broad shouldered. Their appearance is often striking in some way, with a regal bearing, they hold themselves with pride. And don’t forget to watch out for the robes, public performance is seldom held without them. And there it is in a nutshell. These people are here to perform.

Their personality is dynamic, extrovert commanding. The sort of person that everyone notices when they enter the room, whether or not they want to. Nobility, generosity, and loyalty are watchwords to this ascendant, and whilst he may roar loudly, those who tickle their pride, will find that they are in fact a loyal kitten with a massive heart.


Virgo Ascendant

Ruled my Mercury, Virgo is an earth sign giving an angular but solid build. They display an average height and weight with a wideness to the shoulders and hips, and a tendency to weight around the belly. Facial features can be described as small and neat, with a fine bone structure. Skin smooth and fair. Hair will be well groomed.

Virgo rising combines the analytical abilities of Mercury and the practical skills of an earth sign. He uses his talents assimilate and evaluate the world. Detailed work, is his joy, creating a sense of order and neatness. There may be issues with self-criticism over personal lack of perfection, we are only human after all, and a tendency to see how others may improve, and to tell them. Luckily Virgo rising does have an inbuilt diplomatic and tactful bent, except perhaps when talking to the self.


Libra Ascendant

Ruled by Venus, libra rising has a sense of grace and beauty about them. Often ‘fair of face’ with fine and delicate features, generous lips, and a pleasing roundness to the face. Their hair is most often dark and well-groomed, and often curly. Venus may give a tendency towards stoutness in middle age.

Harmony is a must, relationships all important. Balance must be maintained. Libra rising is likely to empathize with and fight for the underdog. It is that inbuilt sense of justice, and the need for balance in human affairs that drives them. But also, a love of beauty, art, and an appreciation of the finer things in life.

Scorpio Ascendant

Ruled by both Mars and Pluto, Scorpio rising typically has dark hair often wiry or curly. The skin is pale, or sallow, with the eyes often somewhat bulging or in some way prominent.

Scorpio rising makes for a very guarded individual, it takes a lot to let someone in. The world is viewed through a suspicious and protective lens. These are determined and driven individuals, who transform their lives through sheer will power and determination. There is a willingness to view things as they really are, with all the mess mud and blood, because without that awareness we are not facing reality as it is, and may miss out on those opportunities for deep transformation that is our true life purpose.

Sagittarius Ascendant

Ruled by Jupiter, the great benefic, Sagittarius rising has a tall and stately bearing. Distinguished would describe him well. Hair, dark in youth will often turn impressively white in latter years. His face is round and long, often the teeth are long and prominent in some way. For some reason I always think of Sagittarius rising visually as one of those proud tall stallions.

Like Jupiter the character is jovial and outgoing. Keen for travel of both mind and body. Sagittarius ascendant will make friends easily, a great and witty conversationalist. His expansive nature can absorb knowledge from others almost by osmosis. His interest therefore is genuine, and making us feel important, we shine in his presence.

Capricorn Ascendant

Capricorn ascendant is here to work hard and build His path is that of the mountain goat, he is here to and climb the ladder to success. As an earth sign, this must be both physical and tangible. Saturnine, after his ruling planet Saturn. This individual is serious, cautious, and prudent. Socially he may appear cold or distant, a bit of a loner, his is the classic opportunist, always striving to further his success, searching for a higher mountain to climb. A rarely glimpsed sense of humor will be black.

Ruled by Saturn, This individual will have a dark appearance, with dark brown eyes, and often black hair. Their facial features are often small and pointy: physically there is a tendency to be shorter than average with a sparse, lean body.

Aquarius Ascendant

Eccentric, abrupt, changeable, sociable, Aquarius rising is here for the betterment of mankind. He is above all an individual: original, broadminded and intellectual. Interested in the betterment of humanity, he is completely open minded in his search for the ideal. His friends and social circle are important to him, an arena where he loves to display his intellectual prowess…

Ruled by both Saturn and Uranus, his appearance will be both tall and striking. The waist is long, and the shoulders square. The native is often handsome, with even features, and a with a physical abruptness which belies his thinking process.

Pisces Ascendant

Dreamy, eccentric, artistic, and sensitive, this individual feels her way through the world. There is a strong idealism which may give way to cynicism over time. Feelings run deep. The have a laid back, non- aggressive approach to life, which may tend to indecisiveness when put on the spot. They are open and accepting to all, willing to see the best. Their artistic flair is often seen in their appearance, which will in some way showcase their individuality.

Ruled by both Jupiter and Neptune, her appearance is small and with a tendency to weight. The eyes, the windows of the soul, are large and dreamy, with extra long or striking lashes. The mouth is soft and generous. The nose petite.