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Astrology, Free-will, Fate

And the power of choice.

2021-08-30 12:04:26

Astrology presents us with two very clear maps. The birth chart, a map of our potential, and the transit chart, which indicates by the placement of the planets and mathematical calculations, which energies we are growing through in each moment.. Fascinatingly, there is no indication in the birth chart which choices each soul will make.

We have all experienced tough moments, that at the time we would do anything to change, which yet in hindsight have pushed us unwillingly in the very direction that proves to be the making of us. Adversity and extremes have much to teach us, despite our obvious reluctance to go through them. Within each moment we also have the choice to give up, cave in, and refuse to rise to that soul challenge.

So whilst we are “Fated” with our original birth chart. The personal choices we make, how we choose to grow through those lessons are our own.

This for me is where the power of astrology truly lies. A good astrologer will help you to navigate a path which will bring you personally the most joy happiness and satisfaction. Astrology can indicate that path,, Astrology can even open the door for you… but the Power of choice is yours