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Just received the most beautiful testimonial

I am so blessed with my clients

“This reading felt spot on and exactly what I’d been discussing at home and seeking to change at this time. “

Jay, East Clare

It has taken me two weeks to write this review of my astrology reading with Jocelyn, during which time I have listened to her recordings a few times – there is much to absorb and learn and I will no doubt listen to them again. My session with Jocelyn has, among other things, inspired me to establish a daily writing routine.
“It’s time for you to channel young lady,” she said, referring to one of the key influences in my natal chart,  Jupiter’s alignment with the Galactic Centre. She explained that the next few months are a time when writing/publishing is favourably  aspected for me.
I enjoyed my session with Jocelyn from start to finish. She let me know in advance that she is working from her build in progress off-grid home nestled in the depths of Tuamgraney countryside, in east Clare, and offered to do the session in a room in a nearby village if I had an issue with using an outdoor compost bathroom.
I was happy to travel to hers. I turned into the wrong driveway en route and while reorienting myself watched a hawk swoop past the passenger window, an auspicious start for me. I called Jocelyn from my car who walked out to the entrance of her property next home along on a narrow one car country road lined with trees. 
While Joycelyn did not have a crystal ball in the room nor wear a gypsy scarf, she had an artistic presence and a fit and youthful energy. 
It was clear to me that she  sees and lives in more than four dimensions, her re-telling of the mythic stories was entrancing as she wove the significance of the mythos of asteroids, Pallas Athena, Vertex, Black moon Lilith, Makemake, Ceres, within my chart. This information was new to  me and not something that had been touched on in my previous astrology readings.  Watching her quickly talk herself through the transits, and recap before she began recording was impressive, to say the least.
Jocelyn has been a studying astrology for over 30 years, however it is only in recent years that she commenced offering  professional readings. Describing herself as an Evolutionary Astrologer, she specialises in looking at the South Node/past life/karma patterning we came in with and how to transmute and transform the issues we have been working on in recent lifetimes in order to step into dharma, as we embody and open to the incoming jewels of our North Node.

This reading felt spot on and exactly what I’d been discussing at home and seeking to change at this time. 

Our session comprised of two parts, the first a reading of my natal chart, the second focused on the current planetary transits influencing me.
I went along with a good understanding of my natal chart, having had a handful of readings with other astrologers since I  turned 30, all of which were useful. 
Jocelyn’s reading tied all I had previously learned together and helped me understand aspects of my natal chart that I didn’t know where there. 

Her reading gave me a new and deeper understanding of my personal astrology, and because she includes the influence of the asteroids within her readings, I discovered I have a stellium of planets in Leo, including Mercury retrograde, which was a revelation to me and explains why I have, what has been described to me by others as my own language.. 

If you are wanting to have an astrological reading, I’d happily recommend Jocelyn.