Total solar eclipse 04 December 2021

New Moon Eclipse 4:12:21

Total solar eclipse 04 December 2021

The energy this month is just off the charts with eruptive change and transformation.

The big big picture is that we are moving into, the Age of Aquarius, which is all about a revolution in consciousness, a complete see change in our understanding of how reality works… This year, has been all about the bringing in the new age with the two rulers of Aquarius, Saturn and Uranus in a challenging Square, which I’ve been calling the battle for the new.

This is all about how we should structure this new world we find ourselves in, Saturn, rules structure, rules regulations and top down power. So Saturn, unsurprisingly favours more limitations on our freedoms, and more laws and controls on the people. Whilst Uranus, the planet that represents, the rights of the individual, of freedom, and revolution, wants just that. And it would appear that the whole world is working through either revolutionary fervour or hiding out and wanting more control, and this is all coming to a final head on the 24th of December when Saturn and Uranus come into their final square. So December will be all about this build up.

But first, on the 4th, we have this final new moon eclipse on the Sagittarius/ Gemini access.

Eclipses come when the New or full Moons are close to the Nodes, that point that represents that which is Karmic or fated, and they alway bring sudden shifts that push us toward our destiny. what we are destined to release, and what we are destined to bring in.

Eclipses always come in pairs, and we are between two.

The solar eclipse on the 19th shone a light onto all that must be released, and this new moon eclipse is like super powerful new moon. An electrifying new beginning is coming in, but this being a south node eclipse, first, there is something large and Karmic that must be released. An old belief system or an old way of being has passed it’s sell by date. It’s time for a new vision to emerge.

Eclipses changes can come in anything up to a month before and last for 6 months after the eclipse. So this one will reverberate for a while..

this is an evolutionary leap, on both on a personal level, and for humanity.

This is the perfect time to set a powerful new intention, Check where 12 degrees Sagittarius falls in your chart. If It’s conjunct a planet or one of the angles, this next six months will transform your world. So for those born around the 2nd to the 6th 7th of December, the 2nd to the 6th of July will be very strongly affected

This is the final eclipse on the Gemini/ Sagittarius access, where they have been for the last 18 months…. We’ve had the South node, or Ketu in Sagittarius, so his is the area of life that is past it’s sell by date, where we are releasing, and letting go. Sagittarius is all about philosophies and beliefs, So we’ve have been examining the big picture, imagine yourself as an arrow in flight, you have a birds eye view, but you discover that unbeknownst to you, your previous view has been clouded, or obscured in some way, and that there’s an even bigger picture going on, that was previously unseen…

and you have a burning desire to know the truth, so you are pushed towards the North Node in Gemini, you need to do some impartial research, you need to talk to others, to hear their opinions, to research the facts, probably on the internet and reassess your perception, to rethink your truth, Sagittarius…

And at this New moon eclipse the final in Sagittarius for 18 years, this old belief system is finally eclipsed. Making way for a whole new understanding to emerge, and to actually land.

The eclipse is complicated . For a start, it’s conjunct Mercury the planet of speed, communication and news… Game changing information will likely come out. But with Mercury makes a t- square a very powerful stationary Neptune, it could be in some way distorted or confusing. Remain sceptical, Especially if the news is covering those Neptunian things such as drugs, viruses, large institutions, there can be a fog, or glamour around Neptune that confuses and distorts. Neptune rules Hollywood films, illusion, confusion and deception. It’s the energetic where someone might be trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

And the eclipse is opposite to Black Moon Lilith, bringing in themes of themes Ballance of power, power over and exclusion.

Lilith’s story is this, When God created man, Adam, he also created woman, Lilith as his companion, but Lilith she refused to be subservient to Adam and to lie beneath him, and so Adam, complained to God, she was exiled from the garden of Eden.

So quite fascinatingly, at the very moment when millions are marching worldwide as they see their rights to work, to dine to travel being restricted, we have this massive ending, and new beginning coming in around this themes of exclusion, and power over.

This eclipse also triggers the Saturn Uranus square that has been the background energetic for the year. Saturn, by sextile, which means that governments and corporations will see this as an opportunity to extend their powers. But Uranus, the planet of the people, freedom and revolution, is just within 7 just minutes of the Eclipse, so not even a whole degree, and a degree has 60 minutes in it, so it’s within 7 just minutes in an aspect called an in-conjunct, or a quincunx. And just like it sounds, its complicated.

Neither side has any understanding of the other, Uranus is in Taurus, an Earth sign, whilst the Moon is in Fiery Sagittarius. Think of fire and earth together, either the fire scorches the earth, or the Earth puts out the fire, they just don’t get on, and with Uranus, the planet of freedom and revolt involved, it’s one of those energetics that could potentially get explosive. Revolution with a capital R.


Tempers could flare, with Mars the warrior in-conjunct Eris, his sister planet, the female warrior, so, again, that energetic of two sides, not only in conflict, but also of just not getting each other at all.. Mutual understanding does not exist, and with Mars also in Square to Jupiter, that planet that expands everything in could create an atmosphere of touchiness and hyper sensitivity to insults… With 8 planets in fire signs, and two major in-conjuncts, the potential for conflict is huge,

So how do we consciously harness this transformative power?

How do we use the astrological map to co create our own reality, when such enormous conflict is indicated. And we do this by focusing on the higher energetics of the planets involved.

Uranus is the energy of genius, he rules the higher mind, another title for him is the great awakener,. And he brings genius solutions out of the blue.

And with Uranus aspecting this Eclipse, by just 7 minutes, this super powerful Karmic new beginning for humanity there is the potential for a massive planet wide shift in consciousness

The eclipse is in a T square to a very powerful stationary Neptune, At his lower energetic Neptune can represent fog confusion, and loss, at his higher, spiritual breakthrough and connection to the divine.

At this incredibly powerful Eclipse we can consciously open our minds, to those messages from the divine, consciously ask for genius solutions to this crisis. The potential is there at this eclipse for humanity to awaken us to infinite new possibilities and potentials.

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