The Saturn Return


The Saturn Return is one of the most important times of your life, this is a 9-month opportunity to completely transform your world.

Saturn rules structure form and order. When he returns at ages 29-30, 58-60, and, 88 to 90.  he  invites us to reform the structural basis of our world. Through time we gain an understanding of how each area of life works, and of who we are. At the Saturn return, you are now ready to reform your life based on that wisdom. Very often a crossroads is presented.

A Saturn transit in many ways resembles a pregnancy, a time of confinement, of pressure and growth. Saturn is asking you to  put your head down, to discipline yourself and do the hard  work. You are weeding and pruning, making your life more appropriate to who you actually are.

If you’ve created a life that is appropriate for you, this is a time of affirmation, confirmation, and new beginnings. However,  if your world has been based on the beliefs of others rather than your own, it will be a time of crisis and, and letting go. Do take this fabulous opportunity to encounter your inner wisdom. Ok it’s limiting, its hard work, and quite possibly a bit lonely, lonely, do bear in mind that your time for expansion will come. Saturn also rules both time and Karma, and for those that do put in the hard work, rich rewards will undoubtedly come.




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