Saturn Square Uranus 2021, The battle for the New.

2021 is dominated by the square between Saturn and Uranus,, or what I am calling, the battle for the new. and right now, we are in the first of what I would describe as, three waves of intensity.

The first from now until the end of February, the second runs through the whole of June, and the third, for the second half of December.

This Aspect provides the background energetic for the whole year, so whatever is happening for you now, is the beginning of your theme for the year.

Both Saturn and Uranus are giants, and it is important not to discount what a massive energetic shift this represents for humanity, both globally and internally.

The square in Astrology represents conflict. If I tell you this means the energies will be polarized, you will not be surprised, we’re really feeling it.

Here in Ireland the energetics are perfectly represented. Saturn is our Government, which is presently contemplating the longest lockdown in history; whilst Uranus is represented by the Paddy’s day Rebellion movement, a internet based undertaking determined to defy those lockdown measures and celebrate Saint Patrick’s day in style. Whilst this polarization was present last year, this year it has moved on. Saturn and Jupiter are now in Aquarius, the sign of our new Age, and our collective task is to examine idea’s and concepts on how that New Age should be created.

Saturn wants to do this by employing ridged and unemotional structures. He wants top-down authority imposed on the masses, based on the idea that this brings security for all.

Uranus in Taurus however, has other ideas. He is feeling revolutionary, and he is bringing in the new. He too has exciting and dramatic notions on how to transform society….and with the square ner the twain shell meet…

But as always with Evolutionary astrology we are given the gift of choice. We have the map; guiding us, giving us information on how to achieve our highest potential in every moment; particularly those more challenging ones.

I have no doubt that each and every person reading this has the experience of accelerated growth during times of adversity. It is often through these times of difficulty, when we are tested in the extreme, that we find our true metal. It is during these times of challenge that we are called on to truly step up, and to grow into a more expanded version of self.

Have no doubt folks, 2021 is one such time.

Historically, whenever Saturn and Uranus meet, we have economic challenge and adversity. They were squared during the 1930’s, at the time of the Great Depression. Their opposition heralded the banking crisis of 2009 and already, in 2021 we have stock market instability and volatility.

Saturn is in Aquarius, heralding our new age. Aquarius is an air sign, he likes wacky ideas, and surprising, innovative technological solutions.

Saturn wants stability, and he is looking for a new solution, and he thinks authoritarian power over is the way forward.

However, Uranus the change bringer is in Taurus, and he represents that which we value. This includes both our money and our property, and our own self worth.

With these giants in conflict, expect attempts to completely overturn our financial system, and this can go either way, either from top-down Saturn, or, more unexpectedly, from Uranus, the collective, bringing in that element of left field out of the blue revolution.

Expect a rise in innovative new ways of barter and exchange based on a new vision and set of values for humanity, such as the Gift Economy. As well as financial revolution. Anticipate technological attacks on the old financial system.

Saturn will try to chain, whilst Uranus is determined to break free.

Saturn will try to control, Uranus will try to revolt….

and it is with this creative tension, between the old and the new, that our New World order will be fashioned.

And now the good news. Each time that these two giants meet this year, they are also aspected positively by Chiron, the wounded healer, and the asteroid Makemake. And the energetics of this combination very much point to the healing potential of this time and how we can, both collectively and individually use this tension to create the ideal world that our dreams and aspirations can imagine. There is not the space in this blog to elaborate on this, but it is extensively covered in both my videos on the Saturn square Uranus for each sign.

“How to discover your creative genius potential 2021”

and in my blog, Chiron opposite Makemake.

Aquarius rules our dreams and aspirations. This year our challenge is to visualize and create a new version of life for humanity, and what that is, will be truly up for grabs. What is for certain is… in the battle between Uranus and Saturn. Uranus will always win…

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