November for Taurus or Taurus rising

2022 for Taurus or Taurus Rising

November 21 For Taurus or Taurus Rising

The opposite sex is definitely on your mind this month With Mars in your 7th House of relationship giving your sex drive a powerful boos. With eclipse season just two weeks away, and all the planets speeding ahead we are in for a month of intense challenge and change.

Your focus is on the energy of partnership and relationship with the new moon in your opposite sign of Scorpio. It’s that same old thing. Freedom verses responsibility. The new moon is directly opposite Uranus in your home sign of Taurus, indicating that you may actually surprise yourself this month. There could be a new relationship, or some kind of contract on the horizon that is holding your focus .

There are larger truths being revealed to you, about who you are, and about who you are in relationship. You are creating a new way of being with other, of relating, and whilst this holds its challenges, it can also be exciting stimulating, original and creative.

As long as you have the freedom to be yourself. To follow your creative urges, this could be a relationship that can take you places you have never been before, and this can feel both threatening and exciting at the same time.

Be wary of angry words with loved ones around the 10th to the 12th as Mars your squares Saturn, and then conjuncts Mercury the planet of communications.

You are driven to sort things out.

This is a month of intense change and challenge as the moon grows to full on the 19th Bringing us into eclipse season, and with Mars opposite Uranus for the full moon Eclipse in Taurus, any repressed issues are sure to come to a head, quite possibly explosively.

Eclipses, like Uranus bring sudden  unexpected shocking change. In your home sign of Taurus on the 19th again emphasizing these themes of self, other and relationship.

This full moon shines a light on you, and your needs. It is time for you to be seen. This moon creates a pressure cooker for change, making a tense t-square to Jupiter, in your 10th house, beware of over expansion, or even over enthusiasm at work, because this will really up the pressure on both you and on your relationships.


Jupiter expands everything he touches, and normally we would see him as a benefic, but squared by this full moon he represents too much expansion, and too much emotion.

This month will expand whatever energy you put into it. Remember to remain very aware of where you place your focus.

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