November for Leo or Leo Rising.

December for Leo or Leo Rising-

November for Leo or Leo Rising.

Family skeletons are exposed for resolution…

And with eclipse season just two weeks away, and all the planets speeding ahead this is  a month of intense challenge and change.

It’s all going on at home this month for Leo’s with the new moon in your 4th house of home, and family. Uranus shines his light onto your family situation, on the new moon on the 4th, quite possibly exposing something shocking and unexpected in the home or family history.

This is an energetic that could ultimately lead you to far reaching understanding, but might take a while to come to terms with immediately.

Try not to get angry. This is an opportunity for deep processing.

There is a new self-understanding available to you. It’s as if you are becoming enlightened to the truth. You are now perceiving, not only your roots in a new and unexpected light; but this also has a massive knock-on effect on how you view yourself and your relationships.

Embrace the changes, they will ultimately free you up to become even more yourself.

Be wary of angry words from the 10th to the 12th as Mars squares Saturn, triggering old unhealthy relationship patterns, and then conjuncts Mercury the planet of communications. You are feeling overworked and this could lead to exhaustion, and potential lashing out.

This is a month of intense change and challenge as the moon grows to full on the 19th Bringing us into eclipse season. With Mars opposite Uranus for the full moon Eclipse in Taurus, any repressed issues are sure to come to a head, quite possibly explosively.

Eclipses, like Uranus bring sudden  unexpected shocking change. In your 10th house of work and status, it could bring you unexpected recognition. Make sure it’s of the right kind by focusing on keeping your cool. There could be a work project coming to completion and with the pressure on things could get a bit explosive in the home. This is a full moon when you can shine, out in the world, in the limelight… You may just have that light-bulb moment… This is me, my future…unfolding before me. If you are not happy at work, this too will be illuminated, This is a Moon of sudden and unexpected change…you might loose your job, or just as easily a new job could pop up out of the blue … Whatever your choices, just make sure the knock on effects on your relationships are worth it.

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