November 21 for Gemini or Gemini rising

December 2021 for Gemini or Gemini Rising

November 21 For Gemini or Gemini Rising

Time to put your head down and do the work for Gemini’s this November, with the new moon in your 6th house of routine and daily practice. With eclipse season just two weeks away, and all the planets speeding ahead we are in for a month of intense challenge and change, your task is to manage it all on a daily basis. Pace yourself…

The new moon on the 4th is a great time to plant the seed for a new health practice, to examine your diet, or to create a work and health routine that will support you through the coming month.

Meditation, tapping, walking barefoot in the grass. Anything that will support your connection to yourself, and your higher self will hugely benefit you as the month grows. Things are about to get busy.

Remember your health is your wealth. Things may be full on but without a sound body you are not going to get where you want to go. Set the seed of your new intention at the new moon and see the results grow.

This is an intense month of change, with all the planets steaming ahead. This new moon will help you to focus on the detail of your day. Helping you to drill down onto the basics, and hone your own efficiency, and this most definitely includes your health. Any underlying health issues that you’ve been brushing under the carpet are bound to come up, and now is the time to deal with them.

Be wary of overdoing it around the 10th to the 12th as Mars squares Saturn, and then conjuncts Mercury the planet of communications. You are feeling driven….. overworking could lead to exhaustion, and potential lashing out., take care…

This is a month of intense change and challenge as the moon grows to full on the 19th Bringing us into eclipse season. With Mars opposite Uranus for the full moon Eclipse in Taurus, any repressed issues are sure to come to a head, quite possibly explosively.

Eclipses, like Uranus bring sudden  unexpected shocking change. In your 12th house, it could bring up issues from the past to be resolved. A light is being shone on your subconscious process, allowing you to change old patterns and responses in a conscious way. Be particularly aware of patterns of self sacrifice. Now is the time for you to let go of those old ways of being and step into the new you.

Your dreams are your guidance system over the full moon. Be open to messages from spirit, or the other side, which come in unexpected ways. Your higher self is calling. Make sure to listen…


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