November 21 for Pisces or Pisces Rising

November 21 brings a month of month of intense challenge and change, with eclipse season just two weeks away, and all the planets speeding ahead we are in for a bit of a roller-coaster ride..

Its an interesting month for Pisces with both mars and the new moon in your 9th house of idea’s and beliefs. The New moon on the 4th will find you driven to communicate something, and this desire will grow with the moon.

You have been opening yourself to new ideas, new philosophies, in fact, new ways of being. Viewing things from a more open minded, or new age perspective, and this Moon grounds that belief and makes it more concrete . Think of yourself as the arrow above your life looking down. There is a new beginning in your understanding of your life path. you can see the bigger picture, and your way forward is clear… And you have the drive to achieve that dream.

A new level of truth and understanding has now entered your life, and you are ready to put those beliefs and idea’s into action. And it’s exciting, and challenging, and a bit driven…

And a bit emotional…

Be careful of how you communicate with others from the 10th to the 12th as Mars squares Saturn, and then conjuncts Mercury

You are feeling driven, and potentially angry breath deeply, try to connect with nature.. treat yourself well…

This is a month of intense change and challenge as the moon grows to full on the 19th Bringing us into eclipse season. With Mars opposite Uranus for the full moon Eclipse in Taurus, any repressed issues are sure to come to a head, quite possibly explosively.

Eclipses, like Uranus bring sudden  unexpected shocking change. In your 3rd house of communications and travel. You may find yourself running around talking to the neighbors, making new friends. The Full moon shines her bright light on your local environment. There is a sense of change, culmination or completion.

New information about your local environment or a neighbor could be revealed.

This is not an easy moon, making a tense t-square to Jupiter, in your 12th House of secrets and lies.

Something hidden could be revealed that is not comfortable. It could be connected to a some family history, or an institution. Jupiter expands everything he touches, and normally we would see him as a benefic, but squared by this full moon he represents too much expansion, and too much emotion.

This month will expand whatever energy you put into it. Be very aware of where you place your focus. Key to this month, and especially over the full moon is not to overdo it. Take it steady… pace yourself, and remember you are not superhuman.


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