New Moon in Virgo September 2021, Re-finding Lilith

Virgo new Moon September 2021


September brings us a fascinating month astrologically.  with all the outer planets from Jupiter to Pluto in retrograde motion, and Mercury in his retrograde shadow month there is a strong energetic of going back over old ground.  Both of the years challenging background energetics are triggered this month, as well as a  harmonious Grand trine which brings us both the energy and the knowledge we need to find our  collective way forward.

Neptune is opposition to Mars during the first week may bring a bit of brain fog and confusion but this soon lifts, as Mercury makes a grand trine with Saturn in Aquarius, bringing us a suburb clarity of vision, drawing our focus onto solutions.

There may be challenges to self worth and Values during the second week of September, when Venus makes a challenging square to Pluto, quickly followed by a drive to perfect and deliver, when Mars trines Pluto later in the week.

September is such a karmic time with Saturn,  Lord of Karma in a Grand trine to The North Node In Gemini all month,  presenting to us our highest Karmic destiny.  Saturn is in Aquarius, busy building the new age. Here he requires a logical scientific basis on which to do this. Mercury’s passage through Libra, creates a  grand trine.  As Mercury conjuncts Makemake, we have an opportunity to step into a more earth based awareness. One where both the masculine and feminine are equally honored, and it is in that rebalancing and respect that we  discover our destiny.

North Node always indicates our collective karmic way forward, and in Gemini, he  speaks to us of research and knowledge. As the north node comes to conjunct Black Moon Lilith in Gemini, a well-researched logic will support our way forward; but also an acknowledgement of raw feminine power and instinct.

The legend of Lilith is this. When God created man, Adam, he also created, not Eve as his companion, but Lilith. Now Lilith was created Adams equal, and refused to be submissive and lie beneath him, so  Adam complained to God, and Lilith was thrown out of the garden of Eden and banished. As such she represents much in our society that remains hidden (banished) or unacknowledged.

Despite our cultural bias towards Eve, who was made out of Adam’s rib, and was therefore somehow ‘lesser’ , despite our cultures, attempts to hide and banish the raw feminine sexuality and instinct represented by Lilith, yet still she lives within each one of us. Repressed, and banished, until now…

With this beautiful Grand Trine supporting her… She has the support of Saturn, the Cosmic father. She has the support of Makemake, and the tribal elders, and most importantly, her conjunction to the North Node brings her the recognition of her importance to our destiny.

This acknowledgement of, not just a need for a recognition of feminine power and the need for rebalancing, but an acknowledgement that without instinct, with out our raw connection to nature and the divine we are lost.



And as both the Moon and September grow, this energetic will strengthen.

The New moon on the 7th is in fabulous trine to Uranus, the awakener, bringing exciting new beginnings, with out of the box solutions, to health problems particularly highlighted, again, this is not something new, we are going back over old stuff here… we will see results gathering pace as the moon grows, and the Virgo Sun inspires us to be of service to the world.



for Aries or Aries Rising

There’s a strength of connection within community , those relationships that only time can build that is supporting you immensely right now. You are in some way a pilar of the community, and there is something that you need to communicate. For most of you this communication is connected to one on one relationships or business partnerships, but it can also be something that you need to speak out about within society, and this is likely connected to some social justice, or rather injustice issue. There will be a gut feeling, a niggle that something just isn’t right you, and you have the social respect and standing to speak out and be heard. You are taking on the position of the wise old elder within the group. This speaking out is a positive Karmic choice. It will lead you where you need to go. This is a time to tune in to your intuition, to follow your gut and lt your animal instincts guide you…

Relationships both deepen and strengthen, and also simultaneously challenge. are those old patterns of insecurity taking over.

What we are talking about here is triggers in relationship to do with women and power in love relationships. Old patterns rearing their ugly heads to be transformed. Truth and honesty are your friends here. Set the intention to let love be your guide. This situation is particularly intense for those born between the 12-16th of April. Long slow deep breaths are recommended, as well as calming walks in nature.

For more information, or to book a reading go to Resources Astrology Personal development.

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for Taurus or Taurus Rising

Your creative juices are really flowing this month Taurus. What a buzz… Work and your Stautus in the community are really fulfilling to you…  It’s like you are stepping into that ‘wise old one’ role for others, whatever your age, and this fulfills a very deep and visceral need within you. There is something you are ready to communicate, perhaps to the world, or perhaps just within your daily environment; but it will change your life when you do. It’s almost like a Karmic self confidence choice. A destiny that you have always known is yours in your gut, but the right moment had yet to come…  You are being urged to speak your truth.

Be Aware of old unconscious belief systems which have the ability to control you without your conscious engagement. What we are talking about here is triggers to do with women and power. Old patterns are rearing their ugly heads to be transformed. Truth and honesty are essential, as are diplomacy  and empathy. Set the intention to let love be your guiding light.

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for Gemini or Gemini Rising

With Mercury Your ruling planet in retrograde shadow its important to remain flexible and open this month. Your beliefs about how the world works have been changing. You are becoming wise to the ways of the world, learning how to make things work for you. Not in a cynical way but in a deepening and strengthening of your own inner wisdom. Your creative juices are running high with Mercury in your 5th house. You are ready to speak your truth, to  stand up and reveal yourself to the world. Allow your gut instincts to guide you, follow your passion and you won’t go far wrong.

There may be some lingering issue around inheritance, or shared property that comes up, yet again for resolution.. Try not to get triggered, if you can keep your cool this will move on faster and easier.

You are being urged to speak your truth.

Be aware of old unconscious behavior patterns of power over and powerlessness, that are rearing their ugly heads to be transformed. Particularly with relatives or close relationships What we are talking about here is triggers to do with women and power. Truth and honesty are essential, as are diplomacy  and empathy. Set the intention to let love be your guiding light.



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for Cancer or Cancer rising

For those born between the 15th 19th of July its back to the old challenges of who do you listen to and who do you believe.. Yet again you are pulled in different directions. The old order reigns strong in you still, those old unconscious patterns of control and power over, yet your instincts are telling you another story altogether. It’s all challenging your values it’s challenging to your self-worth, and quite possibly creating conflict within the family as well.

The North Node in your 12th house, conjunct Black Moon Lilith informs you of your highest path. Your instinctive connection to spirit is your guide. Make tuning into that connection  a priority. Remember to invite divine guidance into your life daily, a simple thought of “I am grateful for your divine guidance” is enough. Spirit is waiting for your call..

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For those born between the 13th to the 17th of January, 12-16th of April and the 15th 19th of July


for Leo or Leo Rising-

Work projects take a new turn, bringing you a new understanding of yourself and the things that you truly value, the money comes in handy as well…All your hard work and determination is really paying off. Although things may be a bit erratic work wise just let go and roll with the changes. Relationships bring both joy and responsibility, steady work would be ideal, but you can’t have everything.

When it comes to communication,  particularly within relationships, let your instincts guide you… Your dream is in sight…

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for Virgo or Virgo Rising-

With this being your new moon Virgo, this is a great time to make new moon wishes for yourself and your own personal development and growth for the year… Particularly with the new moon in an exciting, and stimulating trine from Uranus. Your belief system is changing, and this has led to exciting changes in both how you perceive yourself, and also how you view the world.

There is a strong affirmation around work projects this month as previously worked on projects begin to fall into place, well, at least in the planning stages are moving. This is a great time to make sure you have the nitty gritty detail sorted, I’s dottet t’s crossed before the time comes to move ahead in mid Octber

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for Libra or Libra Rising

With Venus at home in Libra you have been feeling pretty good about things recently. Challenges within your home or family around the time of the new moon on the 7th  demand attention, bringing you back to earth with a bump. Unconscious power patterns from childhood are being revealed to you. You are becoming aware of their influence on you, of how they affect how you feel about yourself, and your self esteem. There is a truth to be faced, and yes you have been there before, but it’s layered, and it’s being revealed to you slowly. Be gentle with yourself and others. Be aware that communication holds its own powers and that power is building with this moon. Choose your words and your battles well in order to transform and empower your world.

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for Scorpio or Scorpio Rising

Home and family continue to bring both responsibilities and great rewards. There is a spiritual aspect to this, and particularly within close relationships. A powerful Karmic connection continues to blossom. Particularly in the bedroom arena. Your sexuality is extremely powerful and magnetic at this time. Have you considered looking into tantra or the Tao, I would recommend Mantak Chia’s work in this area. Quite fascinating. I’ll puta link bellow.

Enjoy your last social buzz before Mars and the sun enter your 12th house after to 21st, and youll be ready for a bit of rest and me time..

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For Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising

Your social, or community world is full on at the moment… And Ahhh relationships.. There is a big letting go of some, and at the same time a n opening and strengthening of others that feels pure karmic.. Let your instinct be your guide. There is a going back over old love or old close relationships during this moon cycle that both challenges you massively, and also offers you the potential for rich rewards if you can rise to the challenge. Ther is a deep and Karmic exchange going on, which may well involve some deep and powerful communication over the full moon. This may not necessarailly be a verbal communication, but one of such a depth of character that it has the potential to be both profound and life changing. Jupiter your ruling planet expands your capacity for love and understanding towards others, then stimulates a profound ability to communicate with an energetic beyond words.

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For Capricorn or Capricorn Rising-

Work both triggers and expands you at the moment. Sometimes it can just be hard being you. There’s so much going on inside sometimes and it feels like it just needs to burst out somewhere.. Work relationships bring their own challenges, it’s just one of those times it’s best to let things go for now, and take your time to consider. Communication is powerful tool. Make sure to use it to your advantage, and not to let old patterns, or anger take over. This work is enabling you to expand your material base. That and all the hard work yu are putting in of course… Your commitment and determination stand you in good stead. You are getting the rewards you deserve.  A path is opening up for you, one you may be revisiting, a work situation that will benefit you. Let your gut guide you in this and you will not go wrong..

For those born between the 13th to the 17th of January. Relationships within the community may trigger you. Something about feminine power/ powerlessness is a  bringing up old patterns, of control to be processed and released.


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For Aquarius or Aquarius Rising

This is a fabulous moment when your creative powers are in harmony with your inner knowledge, and you are able to communicate that wisdom, those ideas, to others. All that self work is certainly paying off this month.

Be aware of unconscious patterns of control and power over that may come up to be resolved in some way over the new moon. There is a powerful opportunity to speak your truth in relationship. This is driven by a karmic need for resolution. There is a truth that was hidden that must be spoken in order for a justice to be done..

This is enormously challenging to you, its been there for a while in a niggling uncomfortable, unconscious way. This month things come to a head and there is an opportunity for resolution. Allow your self knowledge and your compassion  to guide you.


For more information, or to book a reading go to

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For Pisces or Pisces Rising

Your inner work is guiding you. Meditation, connection to nature, your Higher self, the vast beyond, bring you wisdom from the universe. Open your heart and mind and to tap into universal source, well Pisces you probably already are… Your connection to a significant other deepens and strengthens.. Communication is at an all time high, probably reaching psychic levels. Expect to graduate into this as your normal as we move into the Aquarian age. There is a Karmic move on the home front afoot… you deserve this… Let your gut guide you and the universe will provide. You are learning how to manifest from within on an energetic level, keep working on that spirit muscle. You are gaining a strength and wisdom that will provide a base for you when Saturn enters pisces in and asks you to step up.

Its time for you to take your power in the community. This may hold a bit of trepidation for you, well you can be a bit vulnerable in social situations.. All that feeling everybody’s emotions can be overwhelming and confusing. There may be self worth issues holding you back that need to be addressed, and this feels like a challenge. Also that supportive relationship, doesn’t always quite get how social situations can make you feel. You can generally channel a really good front  in social situations, and if not you avoid them. The keys here are truth and honesty, of course; but also the ability to truly tap into what is true for you, and then also your ability to communicate it to other. Allow your gut to guide you and you will not go wrong.

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