New Moon in Scorpio 4th November 2021

New Moon in Scorpio

This is a powerfully emotional new moon with the intense energetic of fixed water. Fine on a calm summers day.. But opposite Uranus the great change bringer. Think turbulent, fast moving waters, that have the potential to get stuck. churn.

The new moon is in Scorpio, the sign of sex death and deep commitment… That sign where we where we truly open up and face our deepest fears, that of allowing ourselves to become entangled with other. Issues around joint finances or shared resources could take a turn for the better, or worse with Uranus the planet of shocks and surprises opposite this new moon.

Uranus brings change…. suddenly shockingly and unexpectedly. He works as the lightening bolt from the gods, his illumination bringing, a new truth, a new beginning. Suddenly in the light of our new understanding, what we prize is changed, and transformed in the enlightening Uranian light of true values dignity and integrity. In Taurus, the sign of the earth, of prosperity and finances, property, and all those things we truly treasure. So opposite the new moon, he indicates sudden changes, in areas where we would much prefer to have security. Our food supply could be disrupted, or there could be sudden changes in the financial system, or sudden Earth changes that rock our world.

This new moon causes us to reconsider our resources, and what it is that represents true values

Taurus, the bull, is fixed earth, he wants to take things slow and steady, but with Uranus in the picture there’s very little hope of that. Sudden change is the order of the day in November with all the planets rushing ahead and the full moon bringing us into eclipse season, when life can become full of unforeseen circumstances that push us towards our destiny.


And this new moon sets the stage for the build up to the full moon eclipse. The ingredients are prepared, the pot is on the heat, the pressure is on… and we are off on a rollercoaster ride of adventure and change… Intensity is the order of the day…

Make sure to make your new moon intentions to align with this powerful new moon of change and excitement.

This is a time to just trust and let go. Change is coming, and you can either do your best to relax, allow, and enjoy the ride or you can be one of those clinging on for dear life kicking and screaming in terror shock and awe.

The choice is yours, and as always, astrology gives us the power of choice.



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