New moon In Libra

New moon in Libra 06 10 21

We have been within two major background energetics since 2020, both of which are extraordinary activated and energised this month, the key as always is how we deal with it.

The first, is when the new moon Conjunct Makemake in opposition to Chiron. Speaking to us of our wounding around our identity, our environment and our male female balance.

Oppositions always require us to rebalance, to stand with one foot in each camp, and this opposition has forced us to dig deep and reexamine our relationship with the masculine feminine ballance both within and without. As we reconnect with our feminine side, and begin to follow our deepest instincts we are reconnected not only with ourselves and our own ability to heal our wounds, but also, instinctively, with the needs of the planet, and her requirements for healing. Instinctively we understand that they are one and the same.

With Mars conjunct the new moon in libra, we are driven to to rebalance, to create new solutions that heal. We are also quite possibly triggered and volatile. Libra speaks to us of justice and the law. Many new laws have come in since 2020, we are going to be looking at they just. Do they heal, or do they harm? And these are the big themes that we are addressing.

Retrograde mercury is still squaring Pluto, so renewed challenges to the crumbling old order are likely. The beauty of this new moon is the beautiful trines coming from Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius offering us an alternative way forward. Both in retrograde still emphasising that we are reconsidering. This new moon emphasises that we are now in a new phase of building and expansion of those new very different alternative structures and solutions..

a new order is being born.

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