Mercury retrograde special for Cancer or Cancer rising.

2022 for Cancer or Cancer rising

May 2022 Mercury retrograde special for Cancer or Cancer rising.

It’s been all go since January with everything steaming ahead, and this beautiful Mercury retrograde time is allowing us to take a breather.

The Universe is providing an opportunity for you to catch up on yourself.

This is a deep dive for you guys, with Mercury slowing and retrograding in your 12th house of spiritual connection and the divine. There is something about this connection that is in need of a reconsideration… or is it reconnection, as your thinking and awareness slow and take on an otherworldly cognisance. This is your moment to connect… Be it your spirit guides, relatives or loved ones on the other side, or simply with yourself.

Mercury rules your thinking and your communication functions… and at this time, they are extremely sensitive to, and sensible of spirit in all it’s forms.

Now you guys are already a sensitive bunch, and it will take only a small effort, a tiny tweak this week to shift your awareness into a whole new perspective. Where previously hidden levels of awareness come easily to you.

Make plans to connect to unite with the divine. You will not be disappointed.

Now is not the time to take on new projects Mercury, or any planet retrograde asks us to go back over in some way. And with Mercury governing our speaking and thinking functions, it is the arena of either how, or what we think that requires our attention. And this is emphasised by his starting his retrograde in Gemini, his home sign.

There is much to be learnt, and as Mercury passes back into Taurus on the 24th, the emphasis of your rethink turns to your dreams and aspirations. The requirement is for a higher purpose, a mission.

Any lasting decisions are best left until Mercury is out of shadow mid June… meanwhile, you have the opportunity to research all the options.

And the good news is… this is the week, Jupiter, Lord of expansion changes signs, heading into your to your area of work and status. You are goin up in the world, and nothing is going to stop you. And where he will be sitting (with a brief retrograde into Pisces), for the next year… .This is a great year to focus on your career, as job opportunities will likely abound…

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