Leo 2022 Astrology overview

2022 for Leo or Leo Rising-

Leo 2022

The year begins with Jupiter the planet of luck and good fortune heading into your house of joint finances, sex and inheritance. This can indeed mean an inheritance or a windfall will come your way, but is more likely to manifest in the arena of relationship and deep connection with others.

The new moon on the 2nd of January is in your 6th house, bringing you a new beginning in your area of health and daily routine. With Venus in powerful retrograde at the start of the year, conjunct Pluto in the same chart sector, it is likely you will be rethinking how you structure your day.

New health routines may become a vital part of your world, as something is revealed that makes you rethink what it is you value. Take this time to review your needs, and research either health practices, or alternative methods of healing. When Venus goes forward at the end of January, things will be a whole lot clearer.

The last 18 months saw the North Node of destiny in your 11th house of hopes and dreams. This year as they head through your 10th house, they indicate that a change in your work or status. There are great opportunities for advancement in this area, And with Pluto in harmonious trine from your 6th house of work, a whole new start in your career is on the cards. One which encompasses your ability to fulfil your ambitions, and really make your make on the world.

There is both a recognition and an empowerment available to you this year. But, very clearly, this is an opportunity which requires work, with Saturn lord of Karma squaring from your 7th house of partnership and one on one relationships.

There may be some form of challenge from existing partnerships. You have been restructuring your world to encompass other. It’s been hard work but rewarding. This year as the North Node heads back through your 10th house, you have the opportunity to really step up into your destiny. Be aware that previous commitments to partnerships may feel limiting, but such is the nature of responsibility.

Challenges may come up around shared property or resources during eclipse season at the end of April/May. Take this as an opportunity for these issues to be aired and resolved.

Eclipses activate from up around a month before the event, with the effects lasting through the next 6 months, until the next eclipse season. Remember, letting go of old creative projects or lovers brings the opportunity for new plans and connections to enter, whilst holding on leads to stagnation. The same is true for the October November Eclipse season, with Uranus the great awakener activating both eclipses, ringing you the opportunity here is to step into a whole new and exciting role out there in the world. This is your destiny…

The Total lunar eclipse on the 8th of November in Taurus will bring to a head the battle between freedom and control which we will be living through again in 2022. Saturn makes a t-square with the Full moon eclipse and Mercury, indicating that shocking news will come to light ,and that established authority will try to force through change against the will of the people. The last eclipse of the year is in Scorpio, conjunct Venus. A whole new love or value system is emerging, one based on love, a heart centered truth. This too is our destiny.

October brings Mars, in his bye annular retrograde, this time in your 11th house. Take this time to reestablish community connections. There is a new dream available coming, but first you must have a rethink, and re-explore. You are driven to do this inner reassessment. Make sure to connect in with friends and social circles. There is much to be gained form those group connections. The opportunity here is to re-jink your hopes and dreams more in line with your new world view.

For the last two months of 2022, expect your energy levels to be low and plan accordingly. This is a time of internal reassessment. By the time Mars moves out of his shadow in mid March when you will be filled with new idea’s and enthusiasm, certain of your path ahead.

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