July 2021 For Pisces or Pisces Rising

July 2021 For Pisces or Pisces Rising

 July 2021 For Pisces or Pisces Rising

July begins with a bang for as Mars the warier planet squares off against Saturn and Uranus, creating a tense T-square, emphasizing issues around freedom verses control, the old order, verses the new, top down verses bottom up control.

With Mars, and then Venus coming into the mix from your house of health and daily practice, there may be a need to address health issues connected with these changes. Look at dietry changes with an emphasis on detoxing the system on a daily basis. With these two inner planets joining the fray, things just became very very personal, and intense.


There is simultaneously a craving for healing being kindled within you. With strong emphasis on facing your wounds head on, with truth and passion. With the Mars Venus conjunction in trine to Chiron, your inclination is towards deep transformation and healing. With both of these planets in Leo, these issues touch us both passionately and personally.


These themes are emphasized on the New moon on the 10th  in Cancer, which both squares Chiron, exposing and challenging our ability to truly solve and heal and trines Neptune bringing either a  renewed faith in a higher power and a divine plan, or Brain fog, and despair most likely caused by resorting to drink or drugs.


The Full Moon on the 24th brings the Saturn, Uranus conflict to a head. Conjunct a retrograde Saturn, in your 12th house of connection with the divine brings a powerful opportunity to communicate with source, or more likely to become a divine channel. Depth and breath no issue. You are revisiting your understanding of what truly is. This time as you rethink the basis of your world, you are able to communicate this with others. Quite possibly via the internet, blog, or with close neighbors or family. You are able to get past the protective shell which separates each of us, to touch base, and to touch the hearts and minds of others.  .  The opposition between Jupiter in Pisces and  Venus in Virgo, creates an idealistic fervor in the air. A belief that love conquers all…

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