Full Moon Eclipse 19/11/21

Full Moon Eclipse 21

This Full moon eclipse is just off the charts with the energy of eruptive change and transformation.

Eclipses bring sudden shifts that push us into our destiny.

At this eclipse, we have two t squares, both energetics of and friction and tension. Both indicating that we are changing deeply held values and value systems as we charge into the new age head on… whether we are feeling ready or not…

Eclipses always come in pairs, and they always come when the New or full Moons are near the Nodes. And these represent our Karmic destiny… what we are letting go of, and what we are bringing in. And this is a North Node Eclipse, so there’s something new coming in.

And what’s happening at the moment is that the Nodes are in the process of changing signs, which happens around every 18 months.

The South Node has been in Sagittarius, since May 2020… where we have been letting go of old belief systems and philosophies, and with the North node in Gemini, we have been researching new understandings opening our minds to a myriad of different possibilities and ways of seeing the world. Now with this first North Node Eclipse in Taurus, with the nodal access moving onto the access of value, we discover that our research, this new understanding that we have come to has far reaching consequences.

Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs, places where we hold stability and security dear. This is an access where we respect continuity., where we rate stability. Taurus is the sign of the Earth, of farming, of our food sources, of our property, and our finances.

This eclipse can bring sudden changes to any or all of these areas.

This eclipse promises to dramatically shift our perspective, eclipsing an old way of assessing worth, and bringing in a new…

The full moon opposes the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio, the sign of dark hidden corners…secretes and lies…

And she is shining her bright bright light in there. Scorpio is the sign of Power and power over. Something is exposed by the light of the Moon which changes everything for ever.., our old understanding is eclipsed by the new.. With Mercury the planet of communication conjunct the Sun, there will likely be shocking news, that will force us to let go of an old dependency, an old power structure..

The eclipse and The Sun Mercury make a dramatic T Square to Jupiter, the planet of expansion, and normally, we would see Jupiter as a benefic, but in a square of such tension he probably more likely to exacerbate the situation.

So perhaps something dark is uncovered by the light of the moon, but could be exaggerated out of all proportion…

So I would really try to say to you try not to take it all too seriously because at the end of the day Jupiter is a gas giant… and as such full of hot air…

But something big being uncovered that will change how we view our world for ever…

The other T square involves the background energetic we have all been dealing with all year, The Saturn Uranus square. Which comes into the final square on the 24rd of December… So the pressure for change is really building, So this is Top down power, Saturn, governments corporations, telling people what to do verses, Uranus, the people, wanting freedom and rebellion, lets throw out the old, we want a completely new way to live.

So we are looking at the mask debate, the vaxxine debate, restrictive new laws, at this stage verses, we need a completely new philosophy for humanity, lets change the whole system…

So rather over excitedly, coming in to make a T square with Saturn and Uranus just before the full moon eclipse is Mars.

The warrior planet and he is feeling driven, and he is ready to force change… Opposite Uranus he can be explosive, combined with this eclipse.. we are in for a spell of dramatic revolutionary driven change that will without doubt transform our world for ever…

So over this eclipse we have these two extraordinarily powerful energies both screaming change transform. And both are challenging our two planets in Aquarius, representing the new age, Jupiter and Saturn. So this dramatic Eclipse is pushing us forward towards our destiny by challenging our forays into the new age.. It will force us to look at what hold true worth for us, what is truly valuable. It it money, land and property? Or are there higher values to be taken into consideration such as honesty trust and compassion?

A new role for Humanity is emerging and this eclipse pushes us into making critical choices. This is an incredibly powerful time, where the personal choices we make will impact the collective for many years as we move forward…

And what is actually at stake here… Nothing less than the battle for the new…

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