December 2021 for Gemini or Gemini Rising

2022 for Gemini or Gemini Rising

December 2021 for Gemini or Gemini Rising

December brings an intense energetic as the Saturn Uranus square builds up to its final conjunction on the 24th.

The new moon eclipse on the 4th will likely bring sudden change around belief systems, truth and justice within deep relationships. An old belief or way of seeing your relationships with others is coming up for a final review, before you move forward decisively.

This Month Venus stations retrograde conjunct Pluto, from the weekend of the 11th, bringing love sex and power are on everybody’s horizon. Pluto is the planet of endings transformation and empowerment. How you value yourself within relationships is coming up for review in a big way this month. casual encounters are not on the cards as feelings will likely run smolderingly deep.

Consider that a Venus Pluto conjunction usually lasts two to three days. But this month, because Venus is slowing down and stationary within a degree of Pluto, she is conjunct Pluto for 25 days. The intensity of this transit cannot be overemphasised. Venus is all about love of course, but this also translates to what we value, so money property and also things like self love and self value within relationships is coming up for Gemini in December with all the Venus action in your 7th and 8th houses of love and relationship.

Pluto is endings, death, the underworld, so as Venus heads into the underworld there are gates to go through, tasks that must be completed. In Capricorn he represents traditional power structures, banks, governments and institutions. So as Venus stations retrograde conjunct Pluto there will be a big ending, or a reversal of all that we value, And as Venus retrogrades, from mid December, right through to the end of January, we are rethinking what it is that truly holds worth for us. Fascinatingly, the exact conjunction is on Christmas day, where joining the exact Saturn Uranus square on the 24th, it will make for an incredibly intense holiday period.

From mid-month we will be feeling this battle between between Saturn and Uranus as they head into their final square on the 24th. Battles between freedom and limitation on both a personal and a global level continue as raising tensions for us all throughout December.

We are collectively building the new age. For you Gemini it’s been a year of challenge and change around how the world id structured, around what you believe to be possible, and your new, mind blowing understanding of life. You are reaching the blinding conclusion that you can connect with your higher self and create your own reality. This is one you have been working on all year and this month, any remaining issues will come to a head this month, bringing the opportunity for resolution.

The end of the month brings Jupiter into Pisces, helping to lift collective projects and envision ways of moving forward together.

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