December 2021 Astro Report, The higher Ground

December Astrology

December 2021 Astro Report,   Taking the higher Ground, as the battle for the new intensifies

2021 has been all about the square between Saturn and Uranus. Saturn representing top down power structures, and Uranus, being the revolutionary and the great awakener…

December brings this underlying energetic to a head as the Saturn Uranus square builds up to its final aspect on the 24th . making for an extremely intense holiday period.

We have been feeling this tension all year, this battle between between liberation and limitation, experiencing it on both a personal and a global level, as themes of freedom verses control raise tensions for us all.

Saturn and Uranus both rule Aquarius, the sign of the new age, and all year we have been exploring their possibilities. Saturn, representing hard work, limitation, and structure, and Uranus, representing the higher mind, wacky, the genius.

And in the tension between, we have been collectively building our new age.

Aquarius is an air sign, so it represents how we think, and with it’s ruler Uranus representing the higher mind, it makes total sense that how we think, and what we perceive is changing, broadening, the very range of human consciousness itself is expanding.

The Aquarian transition is about a deep and fundamental change in our perception of what is, and therefore what is possible.

We have all heard talk of stepping into new dimensions, and my experience is that this year we are beginning to perceive this new dimension collectively, but our ability to observe this is somewhat complicated by the process itself.

Stepping into this new consciousness requires individual, and unseen, internal action.

Either some form of meditation, or some other method of internal connection, the paths are many, through which one accesses ones higher self.

This is by it’s nature an invisible process, ( therefore both unseen by many, and easy to either deny or ridicule), yet, as I began to perceive this process at work in others, I realized that they held a certain luminosity hard to put your finger on, yet strangely apparent.

I found myself deeply admiring these souls, and their ability to just be themselves so stunningly successfully, and it felt catching, something I could somehow energetically absorb through contact.

Speaking of the transition to my Mother who is 89 and in a nursing home.

It’s all about filling yourself with light” I said, and her reply,

Yes, Have you heard of Ram Dass?”

This is happening to us all.. the doors to our perception are opening… the journey both personal and collective.

This is a consciousness change and we are in transition.

The whole concept of what humanity is and is capable of is changing, and this transition comes about when we consciously connect with that something greater.

This transition is inevitable

It has been going on a long long time.

From Edgar Case, the sleeping prophet, who started channeling in the early 1900’s, to Wim Hoff’s exploration of consciousness through breath. The energies previously reserved for the shaman, the adept, or the Yogi are becoming freely available to us all.

I have long considered that the Aquarian age will enable us to use our whole brain capacity, so was delighted to See Wim Hoff explain how he is able to consciously activate, and engage with his whole brain, enabling him to consciously control those body functions previously considered out of our conscious control.

And now, more than ever, as we collectively wake up to our true potential, by virtue the hundred monkey syndrome, as we collectively do the inner work, it’ becomes more and more freely available to all…

So back to the two rulers, Saturn and Uranus. Saturn. Success and rewards through hard work.

If you want to change your consciousness, to access your own inner genius (Uranus), you have to go past Saturn. The gatekeeper. In other words, gotta do the hard graft. Of self work and inner connection to get there… Such is the nature of Saturn, but surely surely the rewards are great…

Connection to spirit is like a muscle, and like any other muscle it requires work to build and strengthen.

This is the power of the choices we make every day.

And when you do the hard work, when you do begin to access the vast potential of your own inner landscape,

to borrow from a Niraj Niak Soma meditation, “Become one with the light, witness it’s glory.”.

The beauty of the lock-downs of course, was that we were all thrown in on ourselves in a way we never had been before.

Forced to face our own Daemons.

Speaking for myself, forced to meditate to keep my head together through it all.

It intrigues me that it is almost always the most desperate of times that brings us so much deep soul learning.

The beautiful paradox, that isolation would, through hard work create such a strong sense of connection.

Such a powerful time to be alive, as we collectively explore and co-create this new age.

Fascinating how such difficult circumstances can manifest such astonishingly good results.

So as we head into the final square on Christmas Eve, whilst there may be outer struggle and tension in the world. I would encourage you to remember and focus on the true transition.

That of the expansion of our consciousness, as we collectively step into, and access the light.

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