Chiron opposite Makemake 2020-2022

Chiron opposite Makemake 2020-2022- Tribal Wisdom, and the keys to healing humanity. The story of Chiron, as that of Makemake, describe the hero’s journey, the journey of the evolution of the self. In opposition they provide us with a key to our personal and collective evolution, a key to our own healing and the healing of the earth. Chiron is the wounded healer, he highlights what is no longer working, where he is in the chart, it hurts… so we feel compelled to explore that pain… compelled to make change. In Aries, the sign of our identity, we are collectively questioning what it means to be human. Are we simply slaves to the tax man, the mortgage, the rat race, or is there more to life? Are we spiritual beings with higher purpose and a karmic destiny to fulfil? Along with that pain and discomfort he also brings us the key to our own evolution… if we are willing to truly look. Makemake, is the fertility goddess of the Easter Islands. She speaks to us of ancient tribal wisdom, of the rebalancing of the male warrior energy with the gentle female receptiveness and how to access that more harmonious energetic through the use of ancient ritual. Chiron opposite Makemake describes both the why and the how of our healing potential. It’s up to us to do the work. This is one of those long term, outer planet transits that have deep, subtle, yet powerful effects. These long term transits represent an important evolutionary opportunity for humanity. Winter Solstice 2020 in itself represents the potential for an evolutionary leap, or at least the start of one. I can’t help thinking that Keying (Chiron) into ancient ritual (Makemake) at this time will help to make this transition so much smoother…
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