August 2022 for Aquarius or Aquarius rising


August 2022 for Aquarius or Aquarius rising

August begins with an unexpected lightening bolt of fire as Mars conjuncts Uranus, your ruler, conjuncts the North Node, bringing us an energetic of explosive Tempers, Wildfires, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and above all, Revolution and Revolt.

This is a Karmic shift for humanity of shocking proportions…. as our very basics, our finances, our food, our shelter, and our groundedness are put to the test by unexpected events.

Uranus “The great awakener”, “lord of the new age” is in his power this month.

Be preprepared to have your world shaken and stirred.

For you Aquarius, this is in your 4th house of home and family. This is an energetic that can go either way. You might move into your dream home, or less likely, loose it. Beware of tempers flaring, either domestics, or within your greater clan. Luckily Jupiter’s stationary trine from Aries will somewhat mitigate negative effects, especially if you are lucky enough to be born between the 27th of December and the 3rd of January, you have super powerful Stationary Jupiter, trining your Sun, and life will be opening up doors for you at an exponential rate…. Indeed, any of you with planets around the 8 degree mark are in for a lucky break this month.

A Week later on the 8th, Mars squares Saturn, your other ruler, in your sign, in the build up to the full moon. All of this highlighting that this month we are revisiting the enormously divisive energetic of last year, as your two rulers Saturn and Uranus move towards a rehash of their discordant square of 2021.

I’m sure we all recall the mask\no mask, vaccine/vaccine debate, and how intensely that clash of ideology raged. Well, for the next three months we’ve all got to go there again, starting in August, with the intensity of this energetic building towards their final clash in October.

Interestingly when they finally meet they are both in retrograde, indicating that it will indeed be a rehashing of old stuff.

Another burst of power and control politics, verses issues of freedom, protests, rights, and violation of rights will be hot topics. As well as the high possibility of revisiting the whole Covid, Lockdowns, Vaccines issues re-emerging…. all these and more are possible with the start of the pressure building this month, as Uranus and Saturn edge closer together.

For you Leo, it’s all about who you are on the world stage, verses responsibilities and commitments in close relationships.

This conflict is highlighted by the full Moon on the 12th, as she conjuncts Saturn Lord of Karma, and squares Uranus and the North node. Again, shifts of Karmic proportions are indicated here.

Both Saturn and Uranus rule Aquarius so this month is all about our transition into the new age, and the power of collective choice, and for you aquarius, the power of listening to our inner resources or wisdom, or not.

Lets slip briefly into the larger perspective for a moment.

Here we are, in this moment of transition between Ages, from Pisces, lasting roughly 2200 years, and into the Age of Aquarius. At these moments of transition, we are released from “old truths”, and exposed to a new experience of consciousness.

A simple example is that it is roughly 2022 years since the birth of the great prophet Jesus Christ, who carried a message of oneness, brotherhood and love, following on from the aggressive, warrior age of Aries. At these times, we, humanity, is gifted the opportunity to be in a new way

Our hearts and minds are being unshackled from old beliefs, creating a thirst and a drive to truly know, to understand what is going on within and without. Simultaneously, new answers, new information is flooding in. Quantum reality, Channeling, Space exploration, The internet… Wimm Hoof using his whole brain… Man are the answers out there…

And Uranus ruler of the Higher mind is here to help us to transform our perspective. With his conjunction to the North Node, we are collectively open and seeking illumination.

And Saturn, his role… I use my Uranian skills to tune into my body as I consider Saturn. I find myself slumped exhausted, head down. It’s hard not to remember his old name. The Greater Malefic, as I think of a rehash of covid restrictions, and limitations. …

However, evolutionary astrology presents us with another perspective of Saturn. Reward and growth through hard work and effort. The challenge of restrictions presented me with many unexpected opportunities, growing my own food, meditation, to go within became a necessity. Both of which opened doors Uranian solutions.

This shift is happening, and August is handing us a Karmic key, with the sudden illumination of Uranus lighting our way forward. It’s just that Saturn in square will most likely represent old power structures exerting control, and what this Aquarian full Moon will do, is shine her revelatory light on the whole situation. We are able to see, and perceive things quite differently, by the illuminating light of the full Moon.

There are three decisive moves in the battle this month. The first is the explosion of revolution, as Mars and Uranus conjoin on the North Node on the first of August. Then, the Saturnian reaction. firstly a harsh, martial response, as Mars squares Saturn, on the 8th, in the build up to the full moon, where a whole new level of clarity about old control structures, and alternative ways forward is revealed. Uranus Stationing retrograde on the 24th, indicates that those in revolt become immovable and immobile.

The end of the month triggers personal concerns with The New Moon in Virgo on the 27th in exact square to Mars in Gemini. This energetic is one of knit picking about detail, verses the trixter who expects to glibly talk his way out of things… for you Aquarius, there is a new begining in your most trusted relationships, perhaps harsh words are spoken by a lover, or a trusted child…

Try to listen rather than react. Words spoken in the heat of the moment are hard to take back. It is very likely that either you, or they, didn’t really mean it to come out like that. Which is the where the real problem with this energetic lies, in the potential for misunderstandings. Do your best to keep your cool and it will pass quickly. If however you become in any way emotionally embroiled, this is a personal conflict that could grow out of all proportion. Be Aware.


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