Astrology overview 2022

Astrology 2022

Astrology overview 2022 Consciously co creating the new age, or drowning in the flood.

2022 brings us a mixed bag of energy, clearly inviting us to take either the higher or the lower road as we zoom, consciously, or not, into the age of Aquarius.

2022 brings us a significant change in the energetic with both the nodes, and Jupiter changing signs at the start of the year. Indeed Jupiter, the planet of expansion holds all the cards this year creating all the major aspects as he sextiles Uranus, conjuncts Neptune , and then sextiles Pluto, all within the space of two and a half months. Between the 18th of February and the 22nd of May, creating opportunity for deep and lasting expansion of our higher minds, our connection to our divine selves, and to our personal power.This is most likely on a personal level.

On the collective these aspects tend to manifest in their lower energetic, which could mean expansion of shocking change and power over. However, as we collectively step into the new age, our understanding of the new science, and our true human potential. The potential is to collectivly raise mass consciousness. This is the true Aquarian dream, which begins with a rethinking of our human story. There is a reconnection going on. A mass expansion of consciousness Perhaps the millions now stepping into and connecting with their higher selves will raise mass consciousness by the hundred monkey principle for all. There is a new understanding emerging, of our true identity, and of our place in the universe as the guardians of the Earth. Certainly, with Jupiter super powerful in his home sign, this year the potential for mass transformation of consciousness is there.

The nodes move onto the Taurus Scorpio access in January beginning an 18 month cycle where what we value will be at the forefront of our thoughts and our Karmic development. This of course involves both money and property.

With Ketu, or the South Node in Scorpio, it’s time to let go of those old reliable income sources, and move into more innovative ways of providing for your basic needs.

With the North Node in Taurus, we are focusing on getting our material world together. And with Uranus the planet of shocks and surprises also in Taurus, we are in for a collective Karmic awakening on a massive scale.

There are 4 eclipses this year, all on the Taurus Scorpio access, all indicating sudden changes in the area of our material security.

The year starts with the new moon in Capricorn on the 2nd in harmonious trine to Uranus, indicating humanity is awakening to a new dawn.

Focus your new year resolutions, (ideally after the 2nd,) on awakenings, and genius solutions. This is the time to invite innovative solutions to practical problems.

With Venus is retrograde in Capricorn until the end of January, (beginning the month in powerful conjunction to Pluto and Juno), we are rethinking what it is we value, and where do we place our material trust. The question being, how do we find security in our rapidly changing environment.


We have been through the final Uranus Saturn Square over Christmas, and some conclusion has been reached in the battle between freedom and regulation. A somewhat stable position has been reached, which will last until eclipse season at the end of April to the middle of May, triggered again by the October and November eclipses, when Uranus, the planet of freedom, shocks and surprises is highly triggered, promising to bring drama as they highlight this battle all over again.

Eclipses this year could bring sudden changes in financial markets, earth changes, especially floods and earthquakes , and these are all things that could affect our access to basic resources.

Or it could be that more new rules and regulations come in, again, affecting peoples ability to provide for their basic needs.

Uranus, along with the North Node in Taurus is inviting humanity to innovate.

It is time to apply a new agriculture, a new financial structure, and a new collective vision.

But which way it will go is still very much up for grabs. Although Saturn and Uranus have completed their final square, they are effectively still in battle all year, coming to within only a degree apart in October, so, in 2022, whilst a certain new world structure has been established and recognised, there is still much to be fought for and established.

Plan to push projects forward from mid February to the end of April, when we have one of those rare times when all the planets are direct and Jupiter is zooming through Pisces, expanding our world, and our vision. Indeed, Jupiter’s entrance into his own sign of pisces brings us hope, we are imagining our future. There is a higher solution possible, we are dreaming our future. .
Fascinatingly at the time of the Solar eclipse on the 1st of may, Or Beltane, traditionally, the most fertile time of the year, we have the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune which although it happens every 12 years, this time it holds greater significance because they are both super powerful in their home sign of Pisces.

This is a significant event. It symbolizes the beginning of a 12 year dance between Neptune and Jupiter. This has both a lower and a higher energetic. As evolutionary astrologers, our aim is to focus on the highest energetic, energy, as we all know follows attention. Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces expand our vision, and our beliefs. At it’s highest, this is the expansion of bliss, of connection with the divine, and indeed, especially during the eclipse, this is a time when humanity could break through into a new collective vision and awareness.

But Neptune also rules loss, confusion, and delusion. That slight of hand mysticism and belief based on illusion, and deception. He rules Hollywood, fog, mist, drugs, large institutions, and viruses, and as Jupiter conjuncts Neptune there is the potential for expansion of all these things.

There will be floods…..

Literal floods.. boundaries both physical emotional and spiritual will be broken. We are collectively expanding; but into what? Divine providence brings Venus into the mix to help sooth and calm, as she conjuncts first Neptune, and then Jupiter at her point of exaltation at 27 degrees Pisces.

Again, she could just expand the delusion, and the superficial; but conjuncting Jupiter, that powerful expander of beliefs threatens to lift humanity into those exalted Piscean planes of connection with higher realms, spirit connection and unconditional love.

There is a choice here, we either sacrifice each other and our values, or we sacrifice division, and merge into oneness, both being equally possible.

Zooming through Pisces in less than 4 and a half months Jupiter enters Aries on the 11th of May, bringing with him a burst of fiery enthusiasm for spring, It is time to take action. Leaders are emerging, with the year ahead bringing great good fortune to those lucky Aries born at the end of March, and only retrograding back into the last two degrees of Pisces for November, before heading back into Aries for the Winter Solstice, where he will sit at zero degrees.

The Total lunar eclipse on the 8th of November in Taurus will bring to a head the battle between freedom and control which we will be living through again in 2022. Saturn makes a t-square with the Full moon, eclipse and Mercury, indicating that shocking news will come to light and that established authority will try to force through change against the will of the people. The last eclipse of the year is in Scorpio, conjunct Venus. A whole new love or value system is emerging, one based on love, a heart centered truth. This is our destiny.

We end the year as we began, with an inner planet retrograde. This time, Mars the warrior planet representing our drive and our will, goes retrograde. Plan to take time out, Mars is in the sign of Gemini, so plan to spend the end of the year in research. With Mars in retrograde it is time to retreat, to go within and reassess your way forward.

Overall 2022 holds much potential for humanity with everything still up for grabs, as the battle for the new continues, and the rise in consciousness expands exponentially.


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