Astro Report April 2022

Astro Report April 2022


April 2022

Crunch time.

Collective healing or collective hell.

April brings us two new moons, one in the first of the month, and a second on the 30th.

Aries time is spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and as such into the most significant energetic of the year, the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune at 23 degrees Pisces, the sign they both rule, making them both super powerful.

This is a conjunction that happens in Pisces once every 188 years and as such, is not so uncommon. The opportunity here is as much about our collective adventure into the age of Aquarius, and the resulting changes in consciousness.

As an evolutionary astrologer, I always stress the power of choice. I see the stars as a beautiful map, with the ability to inform and guide us, should we choose to take it: And this Neptune Jupiter conjunction represents just that. An enormous opportunity.

A moment when humanity can collectively wake up to our true power. Or, one where we can continue to project fear, war, and destruction onto the planet. For anyone who is still skeptical regarding the power of our collective, intensions/ emotions, I suggest you look into the work of Lynn McTaggart, and the intention experiment (

Neptune and Jupiter are both gas giants, and as such they are literally full of hot air, so be to expect a large amounts of pure bull to be flying about. As an evolutionary astrologer, I always examine both the highest and the lowest energetic here, giving us the power to set our intention and choose how we personally, and even collectively experience this conjunction.

So firstly, the lowest, very often experienced on the collective level, Neptune can be loss, fog, confusion and delusion. Neptune rules Hollywood, that which is projected onto the world.

In Pisces, at it’s extreme, this could even represent the emergence of a false prophet. Perhaps someone trumpeting loudly about their humanitarian efforts, whilst the usual slight of hand makes profit for the few. There can be a sense with Neptune about being lost in the depths. Pulled this way and that, whilst good old Jupiter, expander of all that he touches, can simply exacerbate that confusion, and illusion.

At it’s most extreme The first Nuclear attacks at Hiroshima, and Nagasaki both took place during a Neptune Jupiter conjunction, we must be wary, we must be aware. We must set our intention to evolve .

The difference now, is our transforming levels of consciousness as we head into the new age.

Quite simply, we are at the point where science, in the form of quantum physics, and spirituality meet. The point where we begin to understand our true potential.

A fine example of this is the text going around the world started by a quantum physics student in Germany, requiring people to simply use drinking water as a form of instant meditation. By simply asking people to think “The world is at peace, and I am at peace” every time you take a sip of water. Effectively sending a constant vibration of peace around the globe.

These are explorations into the new consciousness, which will only strengthen, as we understand our true power. This is The point where we all become shaman. The point where we begin to understand and access levels of consciousness, previously reserved only for those who devoted their lives to it, mystic, the monk, or the shaman, is now becoming available to us all.

As we heal our trauma, both personally and collectively, we begin to realise that we are the enlightened ones. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

And the positive power of this conjunction is just this.

That it opens the door of the new levels of consciousness for us all.

And all we have to do, is make the personal choice, and simply stroll on through.

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