Aries 2022 astrology overview

2022 for Aries or Aries Rising

Aries 2022

A fascinating year for Aries, a whole new understanding of self emerges, as Jupiter the planet of gifts and expansion enters your 12th house of spiritual connection in January, inviting you to establish a deep and very personal relationship to the divine. Remember that all success begins on the astral, you are facing the last of your daemons, in order to move onto a greater vision of self when Jupiter enters your home sign of Aries in May, bringing particular blessings to those born from the 21st to the 30th of March. Your world is expanding into a far wider world of possibility than you had previously imagined. This lucky period lasts from the 11th of May right through till the 28th of October, when Jupiter retrogrades back into Pisces.

The Aries New Moon on the 1st of April brings opportunities to all Aries, but particularly to those born on the 31st to the 3rd of March April. This is a fertile period. Plant your seeds of intention around self and community. Your hopes and dreams can take root on this moon to grow to a potent harvest.

Challenges this year emerge around shared property, verses ownership. When Karmic issues come up to be resolved during eclipse season at the end of April/May. Take this as an opportunity for these issues to be both aired and resolved. The opportunity to let go graciously comes when Mars your ruler conjuncts Neptune for the full Moon eclipse in Scorpio, on May the 16th, inviting you to release the past in order that you may move forward with the freedom you require.

Eclipses activate from up around a month before the event, with the effects lasting through the next 6 months, until the next eclipse season. Remember, letting go will bring opportunity, holding on stagnation.

The same is true for the October November Eclipse season, with Uranus the Great awakener activating both eclipses from your 2nd house. Sudden changes to do with both property and self value transform your world. This is an energetic that could go either way, either loss or gain. Be prepared by doing the inner work on your own self value and worth this year.

The full moon in your sign on the 9th of October is conjunct Chiron. This likely exposes your wounds around self and identity. Your boundaries will be challenged, probably both in the community and within close relationship. See this as an opportunity. The full moon is shining her light on what needs fixing, You can either be your own worst enemy, or your best friend. Luckily, Mars is in helpful trine to Saturn from Gemini indicating dispassionate words from a close friend will help to bring objectivity.

The Total lunar eclipse on the 8th of November in Taurus will bring to a head the battle between freedom and control which we will be living through again in 2022. Saturn makes a t-square with the Full moon, eclipse and Mercury, indicating that shocking news will come to light and that established authority will try to force through change against the will of the people. The last eclipse of the year is in Scorpio, conjunct Venus. A whole new love or value system is emerging, one based on love, a heart centered truth. This too is our destiny.

The year ends with Mars, your ruler, enjoying his bye annular retrograde, this time in Gemini. Take the time to rethink where you are putting your energy. Go into the research. There is something you need to know before you can move forward… Internet chat rooms, neighbours, local gossip… All these are area’s bring rich rewards. You need to reassess, or renegotiate what is truly worth your time.

Expect your energy levels to be low during this time and plan accordingly. Use it for internal reassessment. By the time Mars moves out of his shadow in Mid March 2023, you will be filled with new idea’s and enthusiasm, certain of your path ahead.

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